Diversity dean gets a little too excited about diversity

CampusReform: In a likely effort to promote the highest ideals of diversity and inclusion, one college administrator landed herself in hot water over what some are calling legitimate racial segregation.

Cheryl Chatman, Executive Vice President and Dean of Diversity Affairs at Concordia University, recently sent out a letter to the incoming freshmen class containing a special summons for “students of color” to attend a special meeting in advance of the normal freshman orientation.

In an effort to help new students of color feel more adjusted and connected to the university, a pre-orientation session will be held on Saturday, August 27th from 4:00 P.M. to 5:30 P.M. in the music band room,” she writes. “All new students of color are expected to attend this meeting” (emphasis in original).


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  1. Oh, the irony. In Latin, “concordia” means unity, literally, “of one heart”.

    Idiots. All of ’em.

  2. So the new progressive segregation is different from the old segregation, imposed by the Democrats, how ?

  3. Fuck her. I would have just walked my fat Caucasian ass right into that meeting. If challenged, I would have identified my color as pink, since I have The Curse of The British, a severe case of rosacea.

  4. “…, but promised that “We can adjust this for the future”

    Which means: “We’ll re-word this so we don’t get called on our crap again, but nothing will be really different. We don’t care about what you care about, you non-poc.”

  5. What GFY said. I’d take my honkey Caucasian self in there, and when challenged, counter ask, “What, do I look transparent? Of course I’m a person of color.”

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