DIY Face Masks

These 25 DIY Face Masks Are Amazing But Probably Not Very Effective.

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  1. Very clever, some of them. I laughed at the guy getting on the subway (in the yellow with all the white paper tubes sticking out).

    Anyone else notice that the CDC/WH CV Task Force hasn’t said anything specific about “underlying conditions” including obesity and diabetes. I think every one of the docs looking at H-chloroquine/Z-Pak protocol has been keeping track of patient co-morbidity and those are high on the list — even higher than those who are undergoing cancer treatment (who are not diabetic or overweight/obese). Could it be that mentioning it is too un-PC (fat shaming)? This is looking more and more like a TSA model of quarantine. Don’t offend, quarantine everyone.

  2. …and now, come to think of it…

    Would Chinese scientists target a known risk factor in American people — that a large portion of the population is very fat or obese, and create a virus that thrives and persists in a fat body? Many overweight people are pre-diabetic (a high risk factor). In fact the link between waistline and pre-diabetes has been the focus of a lot of our healthcare system for the past few years and becoming well known in the public.

  3. Well thanks for starting my day off with a laugh and allot of safety tips for air intake cleaner designer ideas for Halloween and everyday outings. I’m thinking vacuum cleaner bags…

  4. All of em are 100% guaranteed to work as well as an N95 mask (against a virus).

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. I know I’ve mentioned this here before, but I think it bears repeating.

    The mainstream media said that all you need to go grocery shopping is a face mask and gloves.

    They lied.

    Other people were wearing clothes.

  6. Down here in Augusta GA. I saw a guy in the Wally World yesterday. It looked like he was wearing a mask made from a Cream color 48+DD Bra Cup with a wide Elastic band stapled to it.

    Could not figure out if he was the usual dancing around Look At Me Wally World a perv.

    Or just he figured out an quick simple emergency work around that can be washed and reused. But I guess anything is better than nothing.

  7. That was just what I needed today. I laughed at the Coughy Filter guy, then laughed harder at the guy wearing the Norton AntiVirus CD. I had to stop looking when I saw the car with a mask.

    Thanks for the hearty laughing fit, MJA!

  8. OMG I laughed so hard I cried! One thing I noticed— with few exceptions, the people standing around them seemed oblivious. I would have fallen right back into my lifelong bad habit of laughing at inappropriate times.

  9. Maybe I’ll start wearing one of those enormous crinoline hoop skirts when I go to the grocery store, only I would add spikes sticking out.

  10. @99th Squad leader,

    “Make sure you don’t use the butt part”. 😂 I couldn’t decide if he was serious or not.


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