DNC and Its Chair Targeted In A Class Action

On June 28 a Miami law firm filed a class action lawsuit against the Democrats who have worked so hard to orchestrate Hillary’s coronation.

Working from recently leaked DNC documents, thanks to Guccifer 2.0, the lawsuit claims that Debbie Wasserman Schultz was always backing Hillary and misrepresented her lack of neutrality. The lawyers also go after the DNC for fraud against party members and failing to protect the donor information from being hacked.


Given how trial lawyers have always backed the Democrats, isn’t this a case of biting the hand the feeds you?

10 Comments on DNC and Its Chair Targeted In A Class Action

  1. The democrats will be wishing for tort reform when this is over.

    The party will have done unto it as it has been doing to the nation for generations. I really can’t wait.

  2. “Given how trial lawyers have always backed the Democrats, isn’t this a case of biting the hand that feeds you?”

    Honey, I don’t GAFF. I’m all for exposing political corruption via any method that will get the job done. And I hope that hotseat they’re going to put Washerwoman-Schultz on really fries her ass.

  3. If the democrats and their clientele start preying on each other, so be it. Let them rip each other apart. Once the blood hits the water other sharks will hopefully want a taste. I want these people ruined.

  4. Wasserman-Schultz was not neutral – this surprised anyone? And so what? Do these people think Bernie Sanders would have been a better choice, even though Bernie wasn’t even a Democrat until last year? The Democrats ran a corrupt career politician and two socialists in their primaries, and Wasserman-Schultz backed the corrupt career carpetbagger over the socialists. One may as well ask “what type of cancer do you want?”

    I’m not defending Wasserman-Schultz, and could care less about this lawsuit, except that it shows how out of touch the political party “elite” are. I work and live in an area that is primarily Democrat, and none of these people are talking about what a great candidate/person/President Hillary Clinton would be. Many Republicans are voting for Trump because he is not as bad as Hillary, and as many Democrats are voting for Hillary because they do not see her as bad as Trump. We have truly reached a situation where a lot of people are voting against someone rather than voting for someone.

  5. Kind of funny how there’s no lawyer bashing going on here, yet. Unlike a well meaning police officer, a lawyer generally is right there when you need one; and sometimes when you don’t. Just pray you never need one.

  6. @Wyatt, Insensitive Progressive Jerk:

    “What kind of cancer do you want?”

    ROTFLMFAO! (And I’ve had cancer THREE times!)

  7. All TOo Much,
    Alright, you want lawyer bashing, here are some oldies, but goldies:
    “Why won’t sharks eat a lawyer? Professional courtesy.”
    “What do you call a bus load of 100 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? A start.”
    “What’s the difference between a sperm and a lawyer? One has the potential to grow up to be a human.”

    Thank you, thank you. Be sure to tip your waitress generously.

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