DNC Congratulates ‘Latina’ Texas Candidate — But She’s Filipino-American

DC: The Democratic National Committee tweeted “felicidades” (congratulations) to Texas Democrat Gina Ortiz Jones on May 22, saying, “The future is female. And Latina too!” The group deleted the tweet a short time later after realizing that Ortiz is not Latina at all, but a Filipino American.


16 Comments on DNC Congratulates ‘Latina’ Texas Candidate — But She’s Filipino-American

  1. Why must the dems always act like every woman is the first woman ever elected or won anything? Let’s ask Hillary. Oh, wait.

  2. The Spaniards held the Philippines as a colony for more than 375 years. There’s more than a smidgen of genetic Latino in today’s Filipino population.

  3. Well, technically speaking, Spain did rule the Philippines for 333 years, up until 1898. So there’s as much Spanish blood there as in Mexico or Central America. Thus Hispanic and/or Latino crap probably works.
    Unless someone is offended. Then all logic is discarded.

  4. Historically, when the Spaniards who colonized the Phillipines made the indigenous people all change their names to Hispanic names to tax them. Enter ignorant dummy rats 🐀 with no historical knowledge and you get Biden quality gaffe.

  5. Lying is in their DNA. They even lie to themselves about themselves. Yeesh. (50+ genders and transsexuals anyone?)

    That’s it! That’s the last straw. I’ll never vote for those thieving lying Democrats again!

    OK, So I first said that in 1977. Still true and still haven’t yet, but I’m double not voting for them this year.

  6. “They do not speak Spanish in the Phillipines.”
    That’s the funny part.
    Tagalog, Ilokano and like a thousand other island dialects. But don’t know of any Filipinos personally who speak Spanish.

  7. “They do not speak Spanish in the Phillipines”

    I was going to point that out, but it’s worse than that. That’s not what defines Latina. That defines Hispanic. Latina is derived from “Latin America”.

    That aint the Philippines. At all.

  8. Just wait. Lupe Valdez will be running against Gov. Abbott. You’re going to hear more about the “gay Latina” than your stomach will be able to handle.

  9. it’s “da peelapeens”….and they are asian, not hispanic…..

    dang….get yourselfs edimicated, fer mike’s sake……


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