DNC Considers Repealing Fossil Fuel Donation Ban After Only 2 Months

WFB: The Democratic National Committee will hold a vote to repeal a ban on fossil fuel money only two months after it was first enacted.

In June, the DNC executive committee approved a resolution banning contributions from political action committees (PACs) that represent fossil fuel companies. Forwarded by Christine Pelosi, the daughter of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.), was an expansion of an earlier, broader resolution that banned contributions from companies opposed to the DNC mission.

“Fossil fuel corporations are drowning our democracy in a tidal wave of dark oily money; they have deceived the public about the impacts of climate change, fought the growth of clean renewable energy, and corrupted our political system,” the resolution read.

But HuffPost reported Friday that the DNC was already considering lifting the ban, with a vote scheduled Friday afternoon. more


6 Comments on DNC Considers Repealing Fossil Fuel Donation Ban After Only 2 Months

  1. When they break California into three pieces, will they make at least one section entirely “Fossil Fuel” product free?

    Morons will be living among the wildfires sans any protection whatsoever.
    Bwahahahaha! 🙂

    No phone, no light, no motor car…not a single luxury…

  2. wow, 2 months, that’s longer than most relationships in hollywood last.

    “Good night, DNC. Good work. Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.”

  3. I was for it before I was against it (again!) ….. do these people have any principles that they stick with …

    Do they even wonder why everyone thinks that they are ALL Hypocrites ??


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