DNC Offer Tips On How to Ruin Thanksgiving, Again – IOTW Report

DNC Offer Tips On How to Ruin Thanksgiving, Again

The Democratic National Committee is back this year with a web page on “how to talk to your Republican uncle.”  Be sure to review their easily rebutted material – any lib relying on this junk should be sent to the Kids Table.


 The Washington Free Beacon offers up perhaps the best counter to this silliness with a parody conversation we’d all like to have with our idiot relatives.


23 Comments on DNC Offer Tips On How to Ruin Thanksgiving, Again

  1. Why would anyone but a retard listen to the DNC

  2. All my family are republican.
    Couldn’t imagine having a lefty family member.

  3. Who said we don’t want to keel illegal alien families together?

    Deport the entire family. That should make them happy.

  4. It would be easier to say “Your are a firetrucking moron” and then leave.

  5. Yeah, right. How about that liberal niece, drunk on craft beer chewing on Colorado gummy bears, with multiple face piercings complaining about income inequality because she can’t pay off her $100K student loan with her degree in Cultural Anthropology and Conflict Resolution? Any advice on how to deal with her?

  6. “…any lib relying on this junk should be sent to the Kids Table…”

    Oh hell no. Keep on going past the kids table, and march yourself back down to the basement, mister. Come back up when you can keep a civil tongue in your head.

  7. Might as well have a conversation with the food on your plate. Lefties, what I’ve seen now-a-days, won’t listen to what you will be saying. Sure they will hear you but won’t be listening. Their minds have been made up and you will be trying to confuse them with facts.

    .. and for goodness sake don’t let them sit with the children.

  8. When they arrive give them a refrigerator box, a Stop n Shop shopping cart, some quilts and an umbrella and yell “Merry Christmas!” and shove them back out the door.

  9. Menderman — so sorry you have the lone liberal niece. 🙁

    Thankfully, all in attendance in our family are of like minds.
    We trash Obama all day long!

    I am blessed. 🙂

  10. here’s my conversation

    Mr. Pinko: “Obama sucks period”

    Libtard relatives: “blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah”

    Mr. Pinko: “If Obama is so great, why did he lose the House and the Senate in record numbers?”
    I will then throw the turkey leg on the floor like a mic drop. 😉

  11. Some of my family are conservatives and some of them are progtards. The ones with money are the former, the ones who make a full time job of scamming everything they can get their hands on are the…naturally. Tomorrow my batty aunt (conservative) and my nearly deaf uncle (progtard) will make for an interesting post-dinner show. My aunt is like the Aunt Esmerelda character from the tee vee show “Bewitched.” She finds it hard to get her facts straight, but she votes Republican, so we cut her some slack.

  12. Hay….Menderman 2 words


  13. I put a halt to that crap 10 years ago. I quit being nice, the provider/worker/slave so my low life relatives could belly up to the table and feed their face, then sleek off and leave me holding the bag. Well, FU! It’s a Swanson Dinner, and my septic tank has spared another year of being repaired from them putting stuff down it besides crap! Yes, Thanksgiving – I’m thankful to be free, white, and an American.

  14. I would just laugh in her face.

  15. My wife gets upset with me when I point and laugh at the pin heads and tat face fools.
    Ridicule, best weapon there is to fight the clueless.
    Had a girlfriend with a 16yo daughter, we went to the mall with her. She had a Cat in the Hat chapeau on and white makeup with black lip stick and heavy eye shadow.
    She kept saying:
    “Why are all these people staring at me.”
    Growing tired of the crap, told her they were just wondering when the circus came to town and laughed in her face.
    Insensitive, yes, necessary, that too.

  16. Simply point and laugh and laugh at the idiot. Then repeat the stupidity with added phrases like “and then she…,” “Can you believe she…”

    You and your Conservative relatives will have a good time anyway.

  17. My kids all go to the in-laws and my husband and I go on vacation. It’s great!

  18. Several ways to deal with her:

    Don’t invite her

    Don’t open the door if she comes over

    Sit her outside in her own “safe space”

    Metal detector at the front door

    Only stock up on cheap beer

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