DNC Reduces Price of Photo with Kamala Harris from $15,000 to $5,000 – IOTW Report

DNC Reduces Price of Photo with Kamala Harris from $15,000 to $5,000

Gateway Pundit-

In an ominous replay of the end of Kamala Harris’ 2020 presidential campaign, the DNC is reported to have reduced the price for donors to pose for a photo with Harris from $15,000 to $5,000 just a week after the Democratic National Committee postponed a major fundraiser headlined by Kamala Harris because of a failure to sell tickets, according to a report by Puck News.

Puck news reporter Tara Palmeri reported Tuesday, “DNC is slashing prices for a photo w/ Kamala Harris. Tickets for a photo with the VP at the Women’s Leadership Forum started at $15,000, but it failed to sell enough tickets & is being postponed. VP’s June fundraiser in Cali is charging $5,000 for a photo”. more

29 Comments on DNC Reduces Price of Photo with Kamala Harris from $15,000 to $5,000

  1. If only they could get 5,000 people to each chip in a buck for a group photo, but alas, it’s Kamala.

  2. So now that we’ve established what she is, we are now negotiating a price? Do I hear $25? How about 10?

  3. Do I hear $500?

    Workin’ on 500…

    A bidi a bid diba daba bida biden….

    Do I hear 500?

    Down we go then….

    A kama bidi a bid diba daba bida kama lala doba boob….

    Do I hear 400 dollah?

    She ain’t worth a hard-earned American buck.

  4. Answer: Gas, Grass, 5K or Ass. Nobody rides for free.

    Question: What does Kamala Harris charge for motorboat rides.

    Carnac the Magnificent

  5. I miss-read that. I thot they were offering us $5k to take a pic of Kamalalala. I would have acted sooner to get the 15k tho, I could turn the pic over and use it to line the parakeets cage.

  6. Have you heard how she charges for political power.
    It’s pretty juicy. You probably don’t want to be close enough to be in a picture.

  7. I’d offer a nickel each, only because I need more shooting targets.

    OH, and I would expect that to be free shipping.

  8. I might actually consider (for a few seconds) paying them the $5K on the condition that Kakamala has to be wearing a latex teddy and a ball gag.

  9. @ Inigo Montoya JUNE 21, 2022 AT 8:21 PM

    Motorboat or bareback she charges the same.

    Willie: What’s a bareback ride cost?

    Kumala: Pretend I’m smart and make me California AG.

    xiden: How much to sniff your hair?

    Kumula: Pretend I’m smart and make me word salad and misinformation czar.

  10. FJB: See people, we’re getting a handle on this so-called inflation…look at the deflated price of Kamala’s picture. You can expect the price of gas, groceries, rent, and everything else to go down…just like Kamala.

  11. @Tim — You just reminded me of a Zappa lyric that fits in today quite nicely!

    The price of meat has just gone up
    and your old lady has just gone down.

    F. Zappa “Cosmik Debris” on album Apostrophe, 1974

  12. The laughable photos are actually $5 each, discount price. And as a consolation prize, a dowdy smelly unwashed polyester suit in the colors of her own excrement. WIN WIN! LOLOLOL


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