DNC to Bernie: No Thanks

WFB: The progressive wing of the Democratic coalition won a small victory on Friday when the Democratic National Committee voted down a resolution demanding Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) join the party.

DNC members rejected the measure that otherwise would have called on Sanders and fellow independent Sen. Angus King  (Maine), who caucus with the Democrats, to “join or affiliate with the Democratic Party,” the Washington Post reports. Three party members from California introduced the resolution, which was widely interpreted as another volley in the intra-party feud that has characterized the Democratic presidential primary and its aftermath.

“This puts salt in a wound that we need to be closing right now,” outgoing chair of the DNC resolutions committee James Zogby said on Friday during debate over the resolution. “The consequences would feed a Twitter debate that will not be helpful to any of us right now.”

It is also not clear what this show of support for the party establishment would have actually done. Sanders decried the Democratic Party’s model as “not working” and said he won’t run as a Democrat in 2018, while King has dismissed the resolution and maintained his intention to remain independent.


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  1. I have always believed that the Clintons allowed Socialist/Independent/ Communist Bernie Sanders to enter the Democrat primaries in order to give her someone to dominate in the debates. How did that work out, President Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton?

  2. We screwed your Jew-ass out of the primary, and colluded to ruin your chances weaponizing the media to do our bidding.

    Now, you join the democrats or else!

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