DNC Tries Recycling Weinstein Money Rather Than Return It

With the bombshell NYT article this week on the piggish behavior towards women about Hollywood big shot Harvey Weinstein, a number of high profile democrats have scrambled to distance themselves from the producer by returning campaign contributions. According to the Washington Post, the DNC has received the most Weinstein money in the last political cycle, an estimated $800,000.

Instead of throwing the money back in Weinstein’s face, the DNC has instead donated a reported $30,000 to three “liberal political groups,” Emily’s List, Emerge America and Higher Heights – none of which will “benefit women who are the victims of violence” and all of which will eventually recycle the money back to democrat politicians.   More

$30,000 represents less than 4 percent of the $800,000 total. So what are they doing with  $770,000 of Weinstein’s contribution?

20 Comments on DNC Tries Recycling Weinstein Money Rather Than Return It

  1. Isn’t this the definition of money laundering? Sounds like a good idea. You don’t know where that money’s been. Or worse, maybe you do.

  2. $30,000 represents less than 4 percent of the $800,000 total. So what are they doing with $770,000 of Weinstein’s contribution?

    Already spent on H-Rod’s campaign.

    That plus hookers and blow. And lawyers.

  3. What”s the problem? $800 thou is not a lot of money to pay bribes, run a campaign, buy lots of whisky for everybody; surprising how fast it goes! The fact is nothing spends faster than money, if you don’t count illicit drugs and alcohol.

  4. When my children were young, I had a swearing problem. (Worked in the motorcycle industry for almost 10 years – but that’s just an excuse).
    I started a swear jar where I would put in a quarter every time a swear word left my lips. My deal with myself was to make it painful to swear, so I told people I would be donating it to Peta (I hate Peta).
    Quickest way to break a bad habit I know of.
    If they were truly contrite, they would donate this money to something Weinstein did not support.

  5. You really wish that some of the GOP braintrust were as calculating and evil as their DNC counterparts. With a little work, some payoffs, some hacking, a few deals and the Democrat sex scandals, all of them, could be blown wide open. This would include the Hollywood pedophilia ring, the underage casting couch, the huge gay subculture drawing in and corrupting young men and women, the Weinstein bunch, the whole dirty nine yards. Hollywood power could be broken and a lot of movers and shakers sent to jail. But I’ll bet the GOP just tut-tuts the whole thing and people (young and oldish) will continue to be destroyed by agents, producers, directers, stars just about everyone who’s a Player.

  6. @scr_North the wonder is that the NYT ever ran the story in the first place. Weinstein’s power must have really eroded and his ability to bring in the cash for Dems must not be diminished for him to be exposed like this.

  7. I got a call this morning, soliciting donations to the RNC in support of Donald Trump.
    I asked if that was the same RNC that did everything it could do to block Trump’s election.
    I told him to call me back after they kill obamacare, boot the RINOs, and close the borders.

  8. You have a point Dr. Tar but I suspect that perhaps the NYT had a sense that the story was going to blow anyway and at least this way the Times can do some damage control. This is why the GOP needs some slick operators with the cash and connections to take that control away from the times.

  9. The left is just trying to cover up the dung heap of Weinstein perversions because it exposes they’re none stop hypocrisy. Recycling Weinstein donations to social causes, especially those that align with a leftist agenda, does nothing to dispel the realities of a corrupt Hollywood culture created by the progressive elite, criminals and communist sympathizers.

  10. I thought donations to the DNC were way down. They probably don’t have it if that’s the truth.

  11. Here in New York the three scummers, Cuomo,Schumer, and Gillibrand are giving back their money too. But they are sifting it through “liberal political groups.”
    It reminds me of when old Paddy Flynn was on his death bed and gave his good friend Sean O’Grady a gallon of Jameson. He asked Sean as his dying wish would Sean pour it on his grave. No problem my good friend said Sean.
    Bye and bye Paddy died and Sean drank the gallon of whiskey and then pissed on Paddy’s grave. It’s called sifting.

  12. In today’s world 990 you will be called a racist; although, Jrws are a culture not a race, Since hussein O. everyone and everything is about race


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