Do I Care if Andrew Cuomo Has Pierced Nipples?

This is the least of the left’s problems. But it is disturbing.

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32 Comments on Do I Care if Andrew Cuomo Has Pierced Nipples?

  1. Ewww….just ewww

    Every male who has pierced nipples is a raging homosexual. Gov Solozzo is one ugly looking Gerbil rancher

  2. I read the article to see why it was somehow important, but the only thing I come up with is “What business is that of mine?”.

    He’s wearing shirts to keep them to himself if he does, not running around bare chested to show them off to the public. What someone keeps to himself is not my business, what someone pushes on me is.

  3. I need to get a few of those for my unbleached elastic starfish. They’d look fabulous wrapped around my Petey B’s stink fingers!

  4. Chasten’s Unbleached Elastic Starfish …you are one disgusting human being. People out here are trying to eat.

  5. I don’t need this to have no respect for CuomoHomo.
    He has provided ample reasons to think little of him.

  6. “It’s probably a bullet proof vest. He needs one considering the hysteria he has helped to engineer.”

    Yeah, with holes for the nipples. lol.
    For anyone wondering if male boobs can droop, go the the beach. You’ll see ’em.

  7. I’m not surprised. Every democrat is either a homosexual or has homosexual tendencies. The pic is just more evidence.

    His brudda seems to have caught the covid.

    thoughts and prayers to chrissie.

  8. “… go the the beach. You’ll see ’em.”

    Ahh … no … thanks … guess I’ll stay home after all …

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. We had a meat gazer at the YMCA ten years ago who walked around The locker room with his pierced pecker sticking straight out. I told the son of a bitch that when he is in the showers that he better confine his leering to the shower head because if I ever again saw his eyes leave that shower head the only thing he was going to see is my fist coming at his face. The dirty SOB had the nerve to report me.

    About three months later he was arrested for groping a fifteen year old in the sauna. Never made the news. I got word from the teens about it and went into the Director’s office and told him that in a just world he would be facing charges too.

    Anyone who feels compelled to pierce their tits or pecker is suspect in my book.

  10. A little levity from the Soldiers version (British World War 1) of the kids song Do your ears hang low called Do your balls hang low. It goes as follows, Do your balls hang low? Do the dangle to & fro? Can you tie them in a knot? Can you tie them in a bow? Do they itch when they’re hot? Do you rest them in a pot? Do you get them in a tangle? Do you catch them in a mangle? Do they swing in stormy weather? Do they tickle with a feather? Do they rattle when you walk? Do they jingle when you talk? Can you sling them over your shoulder like a lousy fucking soldier? Do your balls hang low? Who knows maybe it works for moobs as well. Stay safe and sane everyone, this too shall pass and we’ll all get thru it with flying colors.

  11. I guess he’s going to audition to be the biker in the Albany group that is a tribute band for the Village People.

  12. All one has to do is look back to this bum’s long, very bad record.

    He makes biden look competent.

  13. If he’s wearing his pants ghetto style you’ll notice he’s wearing his wife’s underwear too.

  14. What would possess a dude to do that in the first place? I’m not even a fan of chicks doing that…well, if they have huge juggs I don’t care, but still…..


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