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Do Jews, Christians and Muslims Believe in The Same God?

Dennis Prager offers three questions to determine if one believes in the God of Abraham or not.



I’d like to see theologians and leaders of the various Abrahamic religions address Prager’s questions.


I’ll ask a simple question of my own, if you believe in the same God can you justify killing of those who don’t share your religion but claim belief in your God?






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  1. Actually it’s hard to believe that this is even a question in anyone’s minds.. It shows how effective the enemy is though (incl the media, etc).

    Ohh gee, I dunno- would the real God tell someone in 610 AD that all that previous stuff about the Hebrews being His people and such be suddenly wrong (“..hey Mo, you know I was just kidding back then!”), and now you have to go kill them because they are infidels and apostates? Surrre- makes perfect sense! LOLOL /s

  2. There is no God but God.

    The belief systems are man’s manufacture.

    izlam does NOT believe in God – they believe in the Satanic pedophile who claimed to be His prophet.

    If “blasphemy” pertains only to God, how can one “blaspheme” against the “prophet” Mahomet?

    It is an irreconcilable conundrum …

    but an izlamic article of faith, regardless – and gives lie to their “faith.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. No.

    As for me, I’m a Harvian. My mythological creature of choice is this big mischievous white bunny sitting next to me. I put up with him, but don’t worship him. . .

  4. Every person’s god is different from every other person’s god in some degree, no matter how miniscule that difference may be, because God is what people perceive Him/Her/It to be, and every person’s perception is unique to that individual, just like their fingerprints are.

    IMHO, anyway.


  5. Prager displayed some very muddled thinking with this statement:

    “And the same would hold true for a Muslim who believes in these three notions but also believes that the Quran is the only fully valid revelation.”

    If one believes that the quran is the only valid revelation of God, they plainly don’t believe that YHVH, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, is the supreme being as He clearly states that he is in the Hebrew Bible. .It is illogical for anyone to believe that God’s Word (the Hebrew / Christian Bible) is superceded by a book (the quran) that was written about 1,000 years after the last parts of the Hebrew Bible (what Christians know as “The Old Testament”) by a self professed murderous pedophile, yet would also claim to believe the 3 questions Prager lists..

  6. Dennis Prager is a national treasure. I may not always agree with him but he always gives me food for thought. If you ever get a chance to see any of his “performances” with Adam Corolla you will be amazed at both of them.

  7. From his ethnocentric position, he is correct.
    However, as it is based on the premise that the Jews have a 100% accurate view of God it cannot be considered a reasoned argument.
    There are many rational, non-ethnocentric arguments that can be made to reach the same conclusion, but he did not make them.

  8. I’m a Pastafarian (the Flying Spaghetti Monster). I don’t believe in killing anyone over mere words of difference of beliefs.
    But I DO believe in eating meatballs.

  9. I have to respectfully disagree with some. God isn’t what one makes him; God is as told in the bible. He is what He is and doesn’t conform or tweak to what people want otherwise.

    Some believe it’s all fairy tales. Ok.. So then for example, how did a book predict ~ 1800 years ago that the nation of Israel would be gathered again from having been scattered across all corners of the globe and be a sovereign, strong nation again? (eg, Jeremiah 30:2, 10) AND ALL the surrounding nations hating her and wanting to destroy her? (eg Psalm 83:4) Just some sort of million to one lucky guess, they might say? Really? Umm.. ok lolol.. Anyway..

  10. I simply look at what are the characteristics the god of Islam has and compare them to the revealed characteristics of YHVH (God)
    Allah is the author of evil. God, is the spirit of Truth with no deceit in Him. Allah swears by many things in the Koran, God only swears by himself as there is nothing higher. Hate vs. Love.

    Muslims claim Allah is entirely unknowable and transcendent, Christians and Jews believe in a God who is personal and who has revealed Himself and his characteristics to his people through his Word.

    Much more to say but this is a few points for the discussion.

  11. Satan is laughing his ass off watching all those illiterate, inbred, brain damaged suckers doing his work for him rather than being executed for questionings Satan’s teachings.

  12. BFH,

    The answer is Abrogation. It’s all that any cult needs to do this. Once you accept the premise that’s some human can speak for God and supersede, negate or contradict what He has already revealed, there’s no end to the madness. Islam is by no means alone in that. Christendom has been rife with it from the beginning.

  13. No. My Pastor gave an excellent sermon on this matter about ten years ago. Too bad so many in the world believe Allah is the Judeo-Christian God…another example of Satan deceiving people.

  14. They neither believe nor worship the same deity. It should go without saying: even many professing Christians have contradictory concepts of God and incompatible Christs. As the one true God does not author that confusion, someone – MANY devout, sincere someones – are very, very mistaken.

  15. The muslims are satanists. Most of them do not know it, but they are.

    Their fondness for goat-ass is not merely a coincidence.

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