Do Not Disrespect Dear Leader – it’s TREASON!

I fixed it

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27 Comments on Do Not Disrespect Dear Leader – it’s TREASON!

  1. Speaking of Hitler, Obama is starting to look like he’ll be resorting to chewing his throw rug (although his is a prayer rug) out of utter frustration like Hitler did in the end in his bunker.

    One thing a malignant narcissist can’t take is being constantly reminded that they’re ALWAYS FUCKING WRONG!

    It is our solemn duty to drive this jackhole batshit FUCKING INSANE before he leaves office!

  2. One is not president until they have taken the oath of office. Because Bam Bam openly lied when he swore to, “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States” he is not the president as far as I am concerned.

  3. uhhh, bergdahl, bergdahl, bergdahl, obama, obama, obama, hillary, hillary, hillary, kerry, kerry, Kerry

    and that’s just 4 of the obama administration…..many manymore

  4. That whole “It’s not who we are” is a meme waiting to happen but I haven’t figured it out yet. It has moved up the list on the most hated word or phrases used by Obama. “Folks” has dropped to second place.

    Hey Pinko! If Obama was truly concerned about the safety of the US he’d set aside his hate for Republicans and ask The Donald to start building the Trump wall-now!

  5. I respect the position of President, but the person holding that office must earn Respect.
    Even after 7 years he remains a ZERO.
    He has honestly earned my disrespect.

  6. see, that’s the thing. Obama is not MY president.

    He is a Kenyan/ Indonesian Moslem Communist who stole the ’08 and ’12 elections and is therefore illegitimate on three counts.

    If it is proven that this is the case, does that nullify all the laws and pen&phone executive orders he signed while usurping the office of POTUS?

    #1 would be Obamacare….SHITCANNED.

  7. I remember a poster very similar to this when George Bush was President. Or maybe I don’t – maybe I’m thinking about all the times that Democrats called for his death or referred to him as “Bushhitler” or the “Bush crime family.”

    Openly defying and brazeningly disrespecting any politician, together with hoping he or she fails is part of American politics, and at any given time almost one-half of the public with either support or despise any particular policy. The liberal snowflakes need to get over it.

  8. To everyone who may be a little troubled, or maybe a little flustered in today’s America: Miss Diana & I used to fear a dictatorial, tyrannical Governmental takeover . . . until we got these chips in our brains. Life is better now.

  9. One can only commit “Treason” against one’s country or one’s sovereign. We, the People of the United States, are sovereign. And while Louis XIV could claim to be “the State,” the current usurper of the Oval Office can make no such claim. He was selected by We, the People, the Sovereign of the United States, to execute our laws, duly passed by our Legislature – which represent our, the Sovereign’s, interests, for us – nothing more.

    Thus, lying to us (the Sovereign) or attempting to deceive us, is, in fact, Treason, most foul – and should be punishable by death.

    It’s a shame that we’re so mal-educated that we no longer understand our relationship to our elected maggotry.

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