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‘Do Not Make the Same Mistake’

Heartbreaking Newspaper Op-Ed Laments Past Abortion.

A California man penned a heartbreaking op-ed in The San Diego Union-Tribune earlier this month addressing his girlfriend’s past abortion, which he called a “mistake” he hopes to help others avoid.

Christian Cordon wrote about how, when he was in his 20s, he and his girlfriend “mutually agreed” to abort their baby in the first trimester.

At first, he said he was happy about the pregnancy but soon started to doubt their parenting ability.

“Although I had supportive parents who financially were in a place to help me out, the worries of being able to raise a child with my broken life weighed on me,” Cordon wrote. “I was not doing well in school, my girlfriend was living with me in my parents’ house, and the dynamics between my dad and girlfriend were horrible.”

He added, “The messages I heard around me were, ‘You can’t have a baby now! Think of your future!’ The list of why we were not qualified to raise a child started to get longer and longer.”

Thus, Cordon and his girlfriend decided to abort; he drove her to the hospital, recalling the pain and tears surrounding the tragic choice. more

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  1. I have no sympathy for this man’s retroactive regret that he doesn’t have children.

    And I strongly suspect that if he had a bunch of kids now in a good marriage he wouldn’t be thinking twice about this.

    He was in a non-marital relationship while — in his 20s — living off his parents, and he and his loser girlfriend also couldn’t be bothered to be careful about using contraception. The whole lot of them, including his parents, are immoral and irresponsible.

    So call me judgmental and hardboiled and old-fashioned. There are rules for reasons. Generations of wisdom. We already have a couple of generations of mess-up kids from non-marital relationships that broke up.

  2. I have a family member who got an abortion as a teenager. Her mother forced her to do it. It was kept from the rest of the family before and after for years. It still bothers me to this day, I would have raised the baby and there were others in the family who felt the same way. If I had known she was pregnant I would have done everything in my power to prevent it.

    People want to talk about women’s rights and now run around saying women are going to die. This girl was so screwed up afterwards, again we didn’t know why. She actually came to me when she again got pregnant as a teen. When the family finally found out years later, she told me that she was so miserable and thought God would forgive her and the pain would go away if she got pregnant again. She said she came to me before her Mother because she knew I would stop her mother from forcing her to kill another baby.
    She said it didn’t work though, the pain was still there. Later she got married and had another baby, she thought if she just had a girl that the pain would go away, because she was convinced her dead baby was a girl. It did not work.

    Today she is a shell of a person, the guilt and the pain basically took her mind. Her baby would be 30 years old now and her life would be different I believe. Her other two children’s lives would be different. They would have their Mother today instead of a woman who can’t even get out of bed most days and has to be medicated to just live.

    IMO these crazy women who brag about killing their babies are more than likely crazy because they did kill their babies. I do not believe unless you’re truly evil with no heart that you can kill your own baby and not have any grief.

    I just thank the Lord that Roe v Wade was overturned and I can live in a state where they can’t kill babies anymore.

    It’s the one good thing about Oklahoma right now. The primary election turned out like I figured it would and all the RINOS are heading back to DC. I’ve been screaming from the rooftops for almost 2 years we needed to get rid of the machines. Nobody listened and the establishment does what it always does and their candidates were chosen.

  3. Despite this man’s open invitation to ridicule and judgement from others, although it may be justified, his saga may resonate with many others who are facing similar circumstances; swaying them to make a better choice. It may cause some to consider the risks of unmarried sex or playing house with someone in a parent’s basement when you can’t afford your own bus fare. More than anything, though, is his testimony at least raises the fact that men are also affected by “A Woman’s Right To Choose!”

  4. @janitor June 28, 2022 at 11:56 pm

    > Generations of wisdom.

    That brought us, all of us, here.

    Until you apprehend that, you are powering the evil.

  5. Since when is a conscious decision to kill a child a “mistake?”
    I thought a mistake was when I failed to cross an “i” or dot a “t” – not when I made a conscious decision, in the full light of day, to kill another human being.

    Perhaps I’m just unclear on the concept and all of my sins were (are) “mistakes.”

    I’m not quibbling over the choice of the word – the word was chosen to belie the fact.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. The one thing that the raving harpies refuse to address is the resulting guilt that follows abortion.

  7. Up until the early 70s or so, being pregnant out of wedlock was pretty well the second biggest sin one could commit after murder. It was a huge scandal! Girls went away to “live with an aunt” or to a home for unwed mothers unless they married. The babies were put up for adoption. If they married, gossip would be fierce when a baby arrived less than 9 months later. Those who didn’t live through those times won’t understand. Just offering up a bit of history.

  8. His choice of words weren’t perfect, but I for one, applaud this man for speaking out against abortion. I hope and pray though that he and his former girlfriend has made amends with Our Lord.

  9. God bless you, ORWW.


    Sounds like his father isn’t such a good man.

    “Thus, Cordon and his girlfriend decided to abort; he drove her to the hospital, recalling the pain and tears surrounding the tragic choice.”

    You knew it was wrong from the get-go. You just didn’t listen to your own conscience.

    Wish my ex had a functioning one way back when, regarding this subject. Heck, she still blames others for all her bad choices. But I think it does affect her to this day what she did in secret so long ago.

    At least this man woke up and righted himself.

  10. hey hilda…..i managed to live thru it in 72……

    just because society shuns you doesn’t mean you have to become a murderer

  11. Fornicating has consequences. If he’s truly remorseful, well, he’ll have that remorse for the rest of his life. Your inconvenience is now a noose around your neck emotionally. There’s not a day that goes by where he will understand that he murdered his child. Hard thing to deal with, but now it’s your ball and chain.

  12. Chucky, you misunderstood. I was just offering up some history, as I said. Facts, not opinion. I was not defending anything.

  13. Wow, as usual there’s a lot of judgement going on here. It is possible for someone to do wrong at one point in their life and recognize it for what it is later. Salvation is based upon repentance. Repentance means turning away from your old actions, habits, decisions, thoughts, etc. You can’t repent if you have never sinned.
    This guy is trying to tell other guys not to do what he did. I’m sure that everyone one here condemning him has lived a perfect life. Good for you. My life has been far from perfect. Many bad decisions that I’ve had to pay the price for.
    I for one do feel sympathy for those who regret their past decisions. Especially when they appear to be trying to help others avoid the same fate.

  14. When a woman has an abortion it doesn’t mean she isn’t a mother. It means she’s the mother of a dead baby.

  15. MissInMi
    JUNE 29, 2022 AT 6:15 AM
    “The one thing that the raving harpies refuse to address is the resulting guilt that follows abortion.”


    That’s what ALL we do is supposed to address! We want these kids SO selfish, self-centered, greedy and corrupt that they CAN’T feel pity or remose or empathy or ANYTHING FOR ANYONE BUT THEMSELVES!

    We GIFT them whenever we can with reprobate minds, so God Himself gives up on them, and they no longer need to worry about a conscience.

    That’s when they’re ready to serve US.

    WE can kill MILLIONS without a SHRED of guilt! That’s how we can create diseases to infect the WHOLE WORLD, make you poison yourself with things we KNOW will cripple or kill you WHILE WE TELL YOU THEY’RE SAFE AND EFFECTIVE WHEN WE KNOW DAMN WELL THEY’RE NOT, how we can starve YOU while WE eat good WITH YOUR MONEY, replace you with disposable foreigners who kill you, and start WWIII to disrupt elections and protect our favorite money laundry without ANY thought for who and how many die!

    And you think we care about BABIES?!? We do NOT. We even rape our own children, just ’cause we can!

    Don’t you worry about those li’l girls offing their kids. We do everything we can to bring them to our master, where they can be as we are, and never feel guilty about a damn thing ever again.

  16. I am joyous that he’s seen the light.
    I’ll even say a prayer that the Lord may see fit to lighten his burden.

    But if forgiveness comes from repentance, aren’t we under some obligation to acknowledge that we’ve sinned and repent of that sin, rather than made a “mistake” and repent of that mistake?

    Aw, shucks, I wanted a Fanta Grape but hit the Fresca button by mistake.
    Is it possible to repent of the Fresca?

    I’m in over my head, here, but I wasn’t trying to denigrate the man’s remorse – just (what I perceived as) his attempt to mitigate the sin with weasel words.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  17. There’s a story going around the internet about some woman who supposedly had a hysterectomy and then sent her uterus in a box to the Supreme Court.

    Highly doubtful, but of course the raving liberal harpies think it was so COOL and wish they could do it, too!

    I’m sure all 9 justices gathered around that curious box on the desk, waiting with eager anticipation of what could be inside.
    Then, as soon as Justice Thomas ripped off the tape, they all peered inside and jumped back in shock at such an appalling sight and began to rethink what they had done!

    Well, that’s how the moronic leftists envision it anyway.

    (Never mind that bomb experts and agents have screened boxes anonymously sent to the SC for ages.)

    Another pants load brought to you by the liberals.


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