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  1. The writer already screwed it up by not lying in front of the TV and turning it off and learning the difference between lay and lie.


  2. Now I know EXACTLY how American troops who landed at Normandy felt.

    (Continues binge watching Ancient Aliens)

  3. Uncle Al, Lazlo’s Great Uncle: Lazlo the Eldest Elder would swing his cane around when folks would get that wrong. He would spout thusly:
    “You can lay tile, you can lay pipe, you can lay your girlfriend, but you cannot Lay Down!” Imagine this in a thick Surry accent.

  4. My doctor son in law just sent me a long video. DO NOT touch your face EVER with out first washing your hands or using purel. Wear a face mask so you don’t accidentally touch your face. You will not get the virus

  5. My Uncle Kelly found a sign on which was written, “Mum’s For Sale.”

    He stared at it for nearly 20 seconds. Then he whispered, “What do the mums own?”

  6. Just look at what they have done in the last few weeks.
    The deep state is deeper than we ever knew. They have screwed us and they are not done yet.
    I have not or will not miss a day of work.
    I will not comply.
    It is a late season Flu brought on by China,what else could it be, we have never had one like it and we will never have one again.
    Unless they do it again.
    China has played their cards and it is a losing hand.

  7. @Uncle Al (:at 10:49 pm): Since most chickens lay infertile eggs, I would tend to consider that as “doing nothing”. Not sure about the goose thing, though.

  8. There were times when I was referred to as an ANTISOCIAL GROUCHY OLD ASSHOLE, when the whole time I was just practicing for and event like this! Who’s laughing now?

  9. Paradoxically, there are actually times when doing nothing is infinitely better than taking action.
    The guy who should have done nothing, but decided to burglarize the old woman’s apartment – who killed him.
    Napoleon should have done nothing, but decided to invade Russia.
    Hitler should have done nothing, but decided to invade Russia.
    Yamamoto should have done nothing, but decided to preempt America’s defense of the Pacific.
    Croesus should have done nothing, but decided to invade Medea.

    There’s much to be said of doing nothing – and I am sort of a ninja master of doing nothing!

    izlamo delenda est …


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