Do You Believe Dylan?

Dylan Farrow describes what Woody Allen did.

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  1. Most probable. Let’s look at it as an outsider.
    The first Woody Allen movie I ever saw was in 1971 or there abouts. “Everything you wanted to know about sex…but were afraid to ask”.

    Stupidest movie I ever wasted my money on.

    A guy with a sheep in a hotel room ordering room service?

    A giant breast spurting milk across the countryside?
    Me being 17 years old, I thought it was juvenile. Perverted.

    Sometimes you don’t even have to be sigmund Freud to figure someone out.

    I’d say yes.

  2. Yes. Because:
    She has said the same thing, consistently, before it had a hastag, years before hastags were a thing.
    He makes weird perverted movies.
    He hit on / slept with / shacked up with most of the leading ladies in his movies.
    He had an affair with his underage stepdaughter, Soon Yi (now his wife), while living with Mia Farrow.
    Ick: Patterns, sick patterns.

  3. Some women still think Bubba isn’t a rapist.
    Roman Polanski, a proven child rapist, is praised in Hollywood.
    Empirical evidence suggests Woody is a creepy guy.
    Guilty, I remember things from when I was 4, my mother had me on a leash aboard the Queen Mary, whenever I see a cat fight a leash, it provokes memories.
    Seven isn’t a stretch.
    What is in it for her?

  4. haven’t believed Dylan since he did ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ … I mean he denigrates Hollywood while all the time, his whole career, he’s sucking up to it???

    … oh …. wait

    yeah, she’s much more credible than Diane Keaton …. Keaton did it willingly

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