Do you believe?

This is an interesting graphic by Joe6Pak. It’s either a tribute to Q, or not, depending on where you fall on the Q spectrum. Since I received a fantastic Q mug in the mail, I can assume Joe, the sender, is a Q believer.

(I really am out of the loop on much of the Q updates, relying on readers to keep me somewhat familiar with the latest.)

Bad Brad sent a tip earlier saying that had some important entries tonight. To quote him: “It will pop the wax out of your ears.”

From the same series (done awhile ago, but never published) we have Hillary hit in the face with a bucket of water. And we all know what happens to witches when that happens.

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  1. I’m proud to say I believe. He could be a singular entity, could be a small group, could be like NBC says, a small time you tube guy with help from a couple 4 chans. I don’t believe the NBC story. Regardless of what Q is, he is reaching a lot of people and as a result these people are involved and searching for info. Look up Q tonight, he has a lot to say.

  2. I don’t know if I believe Q or not, because I can’t figure out what he’s saying. I’m not much for puzzles and cryptic messages. Can somebody quantify a few of Q’s accomplishments and accurate predictions or whatever? It’s like Nostradamus and Jean Dixon fighting over a fortune cookie to me.

  3. The series never really got completed, I’m not that creative. But BFH had a great image of Melania throwing the bucket of water on the evil witch. Another great image he did is the witch with all her flying monkeys looking into the glass ball, and the monkeys were Brennan, Comey, Loretta Lynch, and of course Hillary is the witch. I liked it.

  4. Joe,

    Today was definitely a BOOM.

    Here’s the thing, at some point the flow of information regarding the surrounding and squashing of the Deep State through social media (YouTube, Fascistbook, Twatter…etc.) will be forcefully shut off in my opinion. When this happens the entire electronically addicted population will lose their minds from the withdrawals that will surely ensue.

    Q, and the Great Awakening, are on autopilot now. The only way to give the appearance of success against Q is to shoot it down. The only way to silence Q is to silence everything.

    Hint: They can’t defeat Q (even if they do manage to shut down the internet).

    The Sword of Damocles is coming down on their heads and they’ll do something desperate sooner or later. I won’t put anything past their desperation.

    Tick Tock. Arm and train.

    PS: I use this link.

  5. Disclaimer,
    I’m not totally sold on the Q thing. Many of us want to be because what Q represents is hope, if not retribution for what us conservatives have been through, but maybe truth. Personally I take all input in, and sort it, and hope some of
    it starts matching up in the form of some sort of trend.
    So is Q the real deal. DJT on several occasions has walked right up to Q tee Shirt wearing people and pointed them out in the crowd. He seems like a pretty busy guy to even be aware of Q. A couple points from Q. Q’s got some cell phone pictures that through GPS and time stamp seem to prove he was standing real close to POTUS. I could go on, and quite honestly this does sway my needle of proof, slightly.
    But Big Fur Hat illustrated really well during Pinkos last show what I’m concerned about. Exactly how do all these Libtards get on the same page instantaneously on a Global scale? It’s fucking weird. To say the least. Personally I think one of many weaknesses of your average conservative is they get buried in the facts. The miniscule mundane microscopic stuff. mean while at the 20,000 foot view, things become obvious.
    So I believe there’s some sort of global group plotting the demise of white people. I believe there’s a Global group trying to control the Worlds Economy for their benefit. That same group is doing their best to confiscate all weapons in the Unites States. I also believe, thanks to DJT, that the Unite States is the only country not completely over run by this group. The line of demarcation at surface level in our country is Globalist vs Nationalist. Is there an old long established cult like the Illuminati pulling all the strings? It would explain a lot.

  6. PJ, I have the same trouble when I use my iPad. Try using DuckDuckGo instead of your safari browser. If that doesn’t work well for you QAnon at Twitter has plenty of people posting and putting in their two cents worth.

  7. Q is REAL. They will not be able to walk the streets, most will hang. Trust the Plan.They never thought he would win.

  8. I dant decipher Q’s stuff unless its obvious, like this today. Dear God that is repulsive. I came close to vomiting. I hope this bastard podesta and all connected with this are fried for eternity.

    And maybe even cloned so we can fry their clones ass too.

  9. The pedo thing is what the Deep State must use to indoctrinate and afterwards control through blackmail.

    Leaving the Deep State (alive) is more difficult than escaping Scientology.

    Seems logical to me.

  10. Q’s rat-a-tat-tat style of info/data issue reminds me of a kind of “mind reader” or “psychic” who throws out a string of likely scenarios, knowing at least some of them will be apt. That’s why I lost interest. That, and I remember Ulsterman from the oblowme years who everyone thought was a Deep Throat predicting his downfall.

    Too cryptic for anyone — if he is real — to understand unless you’re in his inner circle. Then what use it that besides the ephemeral that Brad explains, above.

  11. youtube andrenachrome.these people are sick. Q says 90% of the people would be in the hospital if they knew the truth. also, RED SHOES. international sign of canibalism

  12. I’ll be certain of the Q reality when we start seeing arrests. Especially if the arrests are in the same themes as Q has been discussing. I seriously give it an 85/15 likelyhood. I think the bad guys are going down, either that or we are going to war.

  13. “The pedo thing is what the Deep State must use to indoctrinate and afterwards control through blackmail.”

    I think it’s deeper than that Tsunami. Even the Hollywierd types are trying to normalize it now. What hells up with that? I smell a muzzy connection, but still, that’s not even close to what the Epstein’s and Podesta’s of the world were doing to these kids.
    Under the title of gathering info,there was story covered by , I think, the True Pundit, about how some guy accused of Bill Clinton having sex with boys one day and woke up dead the next. Do I trust that story? I’ll file it away and watch for confirmation, much like Q. But, in reality Q has given us confirmation. Nobody got perp walked, but look out how many people have been cleared out of the FBI alone. Q’s predictions are happening.

  14. samgator

    Yes, it’s some sick shit. When I saw those ropes in that swimming pull it made my stomach turn. Here’s another thing, NOBODY, not even FOX, is reporting the staggering number of Pedo’s the trump Admin is arresting. It’s a phenomenal number. Why is nobody covering this?

  15. I’ve heard a hell of a theory of who Q might be. It’s related to the huge number of Pedo arrests that Brad is referring to. So far the theory, while far fetched, is still valid. I like this shit, beats the hell out of teevee.

  16. What’s Admiral Rogers up to? I’m not suggesting he’s Q. But a Patriot like that doesn’t just ride off into the sunset. No way.

  17. What the hell is he doing? If I was to guess its some sort of protective custody. We need all these patriots to stay safe! There are some bad guys that are getting desperate..

  18. Loco: Go to You Tube, look for Q and there will be the latest video Posting from someone enterpreting Q for you ( Bill Smith maybe). It’s what’s supposed to be happening behind the scenes with all Investigations.

  19. (sigh)

    Luke will turn out to be Leia’s brother.

    Han’s not dead.

    Ben told Luke Leia was his sister. But he lied. Because he’s an icky old perv. Eyeing little girls with bad intent.


    It’s all true. It’s all lies.

    Der Lucmeister’s makin’ copies.

    Keep hope alive!


    If it all, all, turns out as good as anyone has even dared claim hope… Jar Jar Binks still exists.

    So I just. Don’t. Care.

    When Gilead’s army knocks on my door. And demands all copies, of everything after Jedi. For the block Party bonfire. I’ll slip my boots on. Pick up my guitar, to play. Cause the New™ boss, ain’t the same as the Old™ boss.

    Ooh, look! Talking pedo squirrel. It’s really a raccoon? (heh) Time to “meh”. Again.

  20. I watched it.
    I do like the idea of putting the DC swamp creatures & MSM on a deck of cards like they did with the enemies of the State / Saddam regime.

    Ace of spades has to be Maxine Waters… 🙂

  21. I follow Q through Praying Medic’s YouTube channel. Q’s post are truly cryptic and, I believe, meant to guide investigation by the public rather than to simply spoon feed information in a, “believe me when I tell you” style. It takes a lot of time and effort to interpret Q’s posts but a very dedicated group of “Anons” seem up to the task. Q sometimes confirms details posted by the Anons.

    Praying Medic’s “Q For Beginners” is a good place to start

    Q Proofs are a growing collection of examples where Q posts or predictions turned out to be accurate, or near enough to give serious pause.

    The story of the unraveling of the Deep State would make a seat gripping, political thriller novel. But, unlike so many in that cookie cutter genre, we won’t know how it turns out for a few more years.

  22. Thirdtwin/12:14am and Bad_Brad/12:21am encapsulate my thoughts on Q to a tee. I can’t follow the cryptic code puzzle format; it’s either too intense or nonsense. I’m not full in or out, but I do hope it’s for real. He/they have tapped into the desire of most Americans to see justice prevail.

    I pray that God focuses his light of Truth in all the dark places of Satan’ plans for evil. If he is using Q as that light, good. Shine away.

  23. Q didn’t tell us Strzok was fired. It took 3 days for the news to break. Didn’t say Brennan’s security clearance would be pulled, either.

    But he did tell us to trust Sessions and Wray.

  24. I ingest data from many sources. I’m not calling it “Information” because that would imply it is “Informing me” of something…. when some data is “Misinforming”. I’m leaning toward thinking Q is a legitimate source of “Information”. Combine Q with videos (data) from many other sources, and patterns start to emerge. Ronald Bernard, Adam Riva, Ben Fulford, Dave Janda, George Webb, Isaac Kappy/Vegan Mikey, SGT, Karen Hudes, Everything on Greg Hunter, Jim Willie, Kevin Shipp, Cliff High, Martin Armstrong, Robert Steele, etc. I’m not validating anyone. But (data) that has a habit of showing up from many disparate sources needs a closer look. It might be Information. If you go back and play some of the speeches Trump has made, The one posted by Q on 8/15 in particular, needs a close listen. I think what he says is “The Plan”, and it excites the hell out of me. I can’t wait for BOOM BOOM BOOM!

  25. IMO, Q’s posts are not meant to be interpreted by the general public. It is a way to get the genius researchers and “autists” on the chans to dig for information, put the clues together, make memes that are understandable to everyone. They want to prepare the public for what is to come, because it is going to be unspeakable. It is probably a military intelligence operation, with Trump’s full approval.

    PrayingMedic on YouTube and Twitter does a lot of good material on QAnon.

  26. @riverlife_callie August 16, 2018 at 2:22 pm

    > They want to prepare the public for what is to come, because it is going to be unspeakable.

    Can you say “meh”?
    I knew you could.

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