Do You Live In The South?

What states qualify as southern and how exactly do you determine if a place is of the South? “It’s a Southern Thing” argues it out and comes to what some may find are surprising conclusions. Watch

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  1. how do I “determine if a place is of the South”? … simple … accent

    which pretty much eliminates … Merryland (‘cept for St. Mary’s & Calvert Co.), Delaware, Virginia (except western/southwestern part), most of North Cacalacky, all of south up to central Fla.(back in the day, used to rub elbows w/ many Southern boys; not anymore) … West VA turned 1 1/2 centuries ago & became so backwards no one claimed them … so they all migrated to Ohio & Kentucky

    so we got Texas, LA, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee (Memphis is a northern shithole), Kentucky (turning), SC, Alabama, Georgia

  2. Damn straight MJ, let the Yanquis figure out how to speak English and which bathroom to use.

  3. I went to ‘South High School’ in the southern part of a pretty big city. Our mascot was Johnny Reb. We were the Rebels. Our yearbook was ‘The Johnny Reb’….There was a big mosaic of a rebel soldier’s head in the lobby as you entered the school.

    Do I qualify?…Now, guess the city…. Oh yeah, our sports teams came on the field to the song ‘Dixie’ and the rebel flag was flown often both on the field and in the stands…

  4. Y’all gotta be at least an hour or so south of Raleigh these days to be near “The South”

  5. A lot of people think that Dixie is from the Mason Dixon line. But it is actually a term for the Dix, French for 10. The $10 note that was traded on The Mississippi and drawn on the Citizens’ Bank of New Orleans. It was the currency of the South before the Civil War.

  6. If you Google Dixie, the link calls it Citizen’s Bank of Louisiana, but it was the Citizens’ Bank of New Orleans and they made loans all up the Mississippi and their notes were the coin of the realm and it was backed by the demand for cotton in England and the Bank of England, that bought all the cotton during the industrial revolution.

  7. “Can someone who moves down South ever claim to be Southern” — No
    A Northerner who comes down South to visit is called a yankee.
    A Northerner who comes down South and stays is called a Damn yankee.

    American by birth, Southern by the grace of God.

  8. It’s called the Mason Dixon Line.
    Surveyed in 1763-1767 by Charles Manson and Jeremiah Dixon.
    My girls were raised in Southern Maryland, Charles county and in the La plata and Waldorf area to be exact and in Marion County, Georgia in the town of Mauk, Georgia. It ain’t no bigger then a postage stamp
    Both were raised in the south.
    Girls Raised In The South
    Tractor loving, pick up driving, VFD loving girls.

  9. A large part of being a Southerner is the way you look at things regardless of where you were born, raised, or even live today. Your accent isn’t much to go on, either. I was born south of the Mason-Dixon but grew up in a Navy family that moved a lot, so my speech is a mixed bag but definitely not identifiably Southern.

    The best way to tell if somebody is a Southerner is to see if he laughs at and makes fun of Yankees.

  10. If the meals are breakfast, dinner, and supper, in that order and all the cooked vegetables are seasoned with fat back you’re in a Southern state. If you ask where something is and are told “it’s over yonder” you’re in a Southern state. If a hot dog consists of a bun, a wiener, mustard, chili and onions you’re in a Southern state. If you see road side stands selling boiled peanuts you’re in a Southern state. If there’s 3 pit bull dogs in everyone’s yard you’re in a Southern state ghetto. Get out of there as quick as you can.

  11. Thank God for the Mississippi River, it helped keep (didn’t stop) a lot of riff-raff from coming West.

    PS…sweet tea is some of the nastiest stuff I ever drank.

  12. if you said ‘gimmie a coke’ for any carbonated beverage, you’re in the South
    if you have grits on the menu for breakfast, you’re in the South
    if you say ‘yes ma’am’ or ‘yessir’ you’re in the South
    if a cop pulls you over & says ‘you got any ID’, and you say ”bout what?’, you’re in the South
    if you use the word ‘jabber’ as in, ‘Jabber see such a thang?’, you’re in the South
    if your dog is in the divorce settlement, you’re in the South

    now, thanks to yankee & kali infestation, there is very little left of ‘the South’ … hell, even yankees have fallen in love w/ pickup trucks …. you’re welcome

  13. How come “Ya’ll” eat grits but not the big hominy kernels themselves?

    They go great in soup.

  14. Native Nashvillians have no discernible accent. Alas, there aren’t many of us left; we’ve been overrun with Yankee bluebellies.

  15. My map of the South would look like a slice of Swiss Cheese with all the holes representing the large urban cities. That’s where you’ll find everything non-south.

    Otherwise what is “South” lives in our hearts, our family bonds, and our traditions, and how we rergard one another. It’s in the architecture, the music, the food on our tables, and dare I say the weather.

    In Dixie’s Land, I’ll take my stand….

  16. Love the South, love Southerners, the foods, music and luscious southern belles, but can’t stand nasty Paula Deen with no apology.

  17. Life is slower Down South. You can’t just move here and claim to be Southern. It takes a few generations. As the ladies here say: If a cat births kittens in the oven, that don’t make them biscuits.
    Or, as some of them have said to me, “You ah not from heah, ah you?”
    No, ma’am, but Ah do prefer it and intend to stay.

  18. The Poor Southerner couldn’t even get his own question right. He’s confused being from the South, and being Southern. He’s Trying to say Southern, Bless His Heart !

  19. If you can get bourbon, Southern Comfort and sweet tea easily then you’re in the South. It’s a state of mind.

  20. If your neighbor can identify at least three patterns of camo by sight then you are definitely in the south

  21. As someone who has lived in Central Florida for 50 yrs, You have to go north to get to the south from here.

  22. Some places in Tejas are about as southern as it gets, others are decidedly more…..cosmopolitan, ya might say.


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