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Do You or Someone You Love Suffer from PLDD?

I cannot tell you how many loved ones I have lost to this totally preventable illness


I would like to tell you about a serious condition afflicting thousands of policy analysts.  It’s called Petty Little Dictator Disorder, or PLDD, and you or someone you love could be suffering from this epidemic sweeping through our think tanks, advocacy groups, and government offices.  According to the description pending for inclusion in the DSM V, here are the warning signs of PLDD:



  • Do you spend a fair amount of your time imagining how the government could be used to shape people’s behavior for their own good?
  • Do you tell yourself and others that you believe in liberty and stuff but there are negative externalities, information costs, and children who need protecting from their parents, so we need to step in?
  • Do you use the word “we” a lot to refer to government action by which you really mean you and your friends?


8 Comments on Do You or Someone You Love Suffer from PLDD?

  1. Haaahahahaha. Unruly and I were just talking about him. LOL!

    I’m totally going to pass this around. I know a couple of people who are suffering pretty badly. They’re in 7th stage PLDD. lol

  2. I foresee a couple of folks at work that are going to get a copy of this in their, “in-box.”

  3. You people are all so cruel, making fun of a serious illness like that. Anybody with any compassion at all would just take them out back and shoot them. (make them dig their own grave first, mafia style).

  4. Just keep in mind, PLD’s, that you may have to answer to a conquering force of freedom fighters sooner than you think.

  5. Or maybe just a competing gang of PLDD’s.

  6. Scary!

    My siblings with advanced liberal arts educations and some of my like-educated, once-removed relatives have this syndrome.

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