‘Do you really want Raiders fans deciding your vote?’


A small group of Colorado citizens is hoping to overturn a bill passed earlier this year joining the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPV), a workaround to implement a major shift to the Electoral College without amending the Constitution but which detractors argue is unconstitutional.

Although 12 states and the District of Columbia have already passed NPV legislation, the effort could create one of the first times a citizenry will vote on the idea, and could make the state a proxy in the ongoing debate over the Electoral College as more Democratic presidential candidates are campaigning on abolishing the constitutionally created institution.

Colorado’s constitution allows citizens to reject laws passed by the state general assembly with a ballot referendum, a challenge that’s been eagerly accepted by Mayor Don Wilson (R.) of Monument, a small suburb just north of Colorado Springs.

“Some of these people that don’t have an understanding of the Electoral College or don’t understand what the National Popular Vote does, it’s as simple as, ‘Hey, do you really want Raiders fans deciding your vote?'” Wilson said.

The NPV is a series of laws passed in various states that changes how the state would dedicate their electors in presidential elections. Rather than devoting all of the electors in a winner-take-all method to the candidate that won the most votes in the state, the NPV makes a compact that the electors will instead be dedicated to the candidate who wins the most votes nationwide.  read more

12 Comments on ‘Do you really want Raiders fans deciding your vote?’

  1. Nothing but viscous slander. Folks that spend $85 a ticket to watch the worst team in the NFL, dressed in gorilla suits with human skulls on each shoulder, what, you don’t think they have a clear enough grasp of the electoral college and a proper understanding of our political process? What elitism.

  2. “…Folks that spend $85 a ticket to watch the worst team in the NFL…”

    Hey, now, @Rich Taylor, the Bengals are the worst team in the NFL. Not just by record, we have enough felons in the locker room to make a Democrat victory a CERTAINTY…

  3. The Raider Nation was first developed in 7th grade face painting in 1975 and they are still in high school.

    High school for them is like a hobby that turned into a career choice….

  4. This could be a real setback for the First Husband and his wife, the Gaybo Governor of Fagorado. It’s very unpopular and was not widely understood or debated before it was rammed through the legislature. It’s probably going to get all the signatures it needs in record time.

  5. If the intellectually superior progressive left succeeds in all of their efforts the outcome will be to have rolled back the civilization clock 2,500 years to the corrupt mob ruled Greek city state model…

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