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Doc Named In Hillary Email Released By Wikileaks Found Dead

100% FedUp: 54-year-old Dr. Dean Lorich, Associate Director of Orthopaedic Trauma Service at the Hospital for Special Surgery, as well as the Chief of the Orthopedic Trauma Service at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, was found dead in his apartment earlier this week. 

According to New York City police, he committed suicide by stabbing himself to death. That’s a pretty normal way to commit suicide…right? Story

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  1. Nothing to see, here!
    Move along … move along …

    Not since those “Freedom Riders” of the 60s, who shot themselves (multiple times) in their backs with 28″ barreled shotguns, has such Fantastic suicide been accomplished.

    It wobbles the mind!

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Why would all these people who’ve spent time with Hillary commit suicide? Never mind, upon further thought,no longer have a question.

  3. He wasn’t visiting the DFW area by any chance, was he? If it takes scores of docs 13 unnecessary and risky surgeries to figure out a child’s mother is a psychopath, their coroners must be doozies!

  4. and yet this low hanging fruit of a conspiracy theory is completely ignored by our FAKE media so as not to tarnish Killary. The level of corruption in the media is mind numbing as they argue how many cokes DT drinks a day or if Sarah based pies on her own. PATHETIC

  5. How many people ever know or are connected to even one person murdered or that commits suicide. The Clintons are amazingly cursed.

  6. Stabbing one self to death with a knife is probably the second most popular cause of death. The first being stepping in front of speeding cars on freeways. Perfectly believable! Right?

  7. It’s like being investigated by the Keystone Cops. Unless he was going to testify somewhere about the Clintons I don’t think they were involved. His opinion/views/testimony were already well known. Then again I suppose it could have been a warning by the Clintons to any other possible witnesses to their crimes that they never forget.

  8. i’m sorry…..i’m absolutely positive the article said he was found by police “responding to an assault” report to 911….did he call it in himself, also?….them surgeons sure are sticklers for detail!!!

  9. Hillary’s entire “future hit list” Released! You’ll never guess who’s number one…okay, you would never have guessed who was number one.

  10. What a horrifying tragedy. I pray this gifted and charitable man, that had the courage to speak truth to power, is in the Saviours arms. The Clintons, like all elitist Leftists, cannot abide goodness. They are always threatened by people with integrity.
    Father in heaven, please, please, let what has been done in darkness be brought out into the light. Let the traps that those evil people have set for the righteous, fall upon themselves, like Hamen in the book of Esther. In Jesus’ name, amen

  11. Another victim of the Clinton Hillbilly Mafia.
    I lost count. How many is this now?
    That must be why she has the boot on again.

  12. @Abigail Adams, what case are you referring to?

    And I have one murder and one suicide in my life. The murdered guy was an acquaintance of my husbands from work. What’s scary is he and the guy that murdered him had been at our house the week before. The suicide was a young man here in town, 21. Out of the blue, very shocking.

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