Docs Prevail in Docs v. Glocks Case

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A federal appeals court, in a case that has pitted the First Amendment against the Second Amendment, sided Thursday with free speech.

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that Florida’s so-called “Docs and Glocks” law, which prohibited doctors from asking patients about guns in the home, violated a physician’s free speech rights.

The court upheld only one portion of that law — the part that said doctors could not discriminate against patients because of their support of the Second Amendment right to be armed.

The 10-1 decision said the other three elements of Florida’s 2011 Firearms Owners’ Privacy Act were unconstitutional: the ban on asking patients about guns in the home, writing down their answers, and harassing patients.

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  1. Please, I’m begging, no one say they lost all there’s in a lake/boating/ferry accident. I don’t think I could handle one more of those comments.

  2. Wait, are you talking about losing your virginity? Because I still have mine. But I did lose my guns and a Picasso in a boating accident on Lake Placid.

  3. I always answer no, I don’t have any guns.
    As long as they don’t ask about any rifles, pistols, or any other kind of firearm, I’m good to go.
    I might tell them about the RPG’s and AA, though.
    Just kidding, of course.

  4. Freedom of speech also means you can remain silent.
    I won’t tell them about the coral reef, my boating accident, what was lost or how far I had to swim with that boat anchor around my ankle.

  5. FTL: ….amid intensifying nationwide debate about guns and whether tighter restrictions would make the world safer.

    What parallel world do these “journalists” dwell in, where these imaginary events are taking place?

    Are they insane or just unbelievably stupid? Though, I guess they might be both insane and unbelievably stupid – that actually sounds right.

  6. Brad, I never lost any firearms in a tragic boating accident. In fact, I don’t have any guns. In fact, I never had any guns, that’s it. Never! I never ever ever had a Korean Garand re-imported in the ’80s. No, and I never had a heavy barrel AR 15 with night optics. And any though of a Remington 870 in matte black is pure imagination. And if you think I ever had a Belgian Hi-Power with target sights, or a cheap but solid Kel-Tec P-11, or an extremely concealable Ruger LC9s Pro is outright hallucinating.

    And no ammo either, I swear. Those are boxes of rocks.

  7. One doctor asked me about that and other weird stuff. I just smiled and said I failed to see how any of it had anything to do with why I was there and could we get back to the readon for my visit, please? She looked really shocked that I wouldn’t comply. 😁

  8. The answer is really very simple…”According to my right to free speech as protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States …that’s none of your fucking business, Doctor!”

  9. If it were like it used to be, I’d have no objection to my doctor asking me just about anything. But today, doctors are simply another kind of damned govt agent. If she asks about guns, and I sure hope she never does, I think I’ll just smile slightly and remain mute.

  10. That gun question and others, are usually only asked during your initial visit. If you have no young children in the household, that blows away the alleged reason for asking and recording the answer.

    Otherwise, it’s stealth gun-confiscation information buried in the ACA legislation. Wake up, people.

  11. Better yet, answer their question with questions.

    1. Are you qualified to ask that question?
    2. Have you ever fired (or even held) a firearm?
    3. Do you know the fundamental rules for safe firearms handling?
    4. Are you a NRA member?
    5. Do you have any formal firearms training?



  12. @Bad_Brad: I would never insult your intelligence by saying I lost all my guns in a boating accident.

    But let’s just say that that I’ll never fly on that damned Hindenburg airship again!


  13. 1st amendment response to the Docs that ask those questions, “None of your F…PHOOKING business!”

    I went to my ‘former’ doc once for a severe case of strep throat. First thing the doc says is, “you could lose about 10bs.” I condescendingly responded, “Really. Will that make my sore throat go away?” Never saw that doc again.

  14. OH BOY!
    I got’s big ones, I got’s little ones, ones that go
    BANG, ones that go boom! I got’s silver ones, I got’s
    those evil black ones, they ALL over the house!!!!
    You wanna see one?

  15. I never had a Doc brave enough to ask.
    They would rather crawl through a hundred yards of broken glass than give me a prostrate exam.
    My wife says I intimidate people, I don’t see why, I’m a Teddy Bear.

  16. I had to deal with this shit when I was stationed in Miami FL. But it wasn’t me they asked, it was my children on their first visit to the Dr. My son told is mother who then told me. They wanted to know if I had guns in the house.
    I did call the office and told the lady that answered if the Dr. asked his patients and children if they had drugs in the house as well. I then told her to let the Dr. know that I worked drug interdiction at the time and had did have a gun. I wanted to know if he had a problem with that.
    Never got an answer, did get a different Dr.

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