Would Your Doctor Insist that You Starve Your Baby to Death?


Doctor Insists Parents of Baby With Cleft Lip Starve Him to Death

Our society has become consumer and product focused in an ultimately dangerous way. When we, the consumer, discover the news that our child, the product, is not quite up to par with our expectations, we are given the choice to end an innocent life. Perfection – though impossible to define – is the standard demanded. And who among us truly meets it?

Here are the Petersons – Quentin, Adian, and Jodi – and here is their story:aidenpetersonThe day after he was born, Aidan was taken into the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) because he was unable to breastfeed, and was becoming dehydrated and weak. The hospital did not have the type of bottles babies with a cleft use to feed. The hospital pediatrician called my husband into the nursery and advised us to sign Aidan over to the hospital. He told us that we were still young, we could still have other children, and that these kids (kids with cleft lip and palate) tend to have neurological problems, he would require many surgeries that could bankrupt us, and that if we were foolish enough to ignore medical advice and take our baby home he would end right back at the hospital as a “failure to thrive.”

The “treatment plan” the doctor told us was that they’d give our son pain medicine, and let him die (of starvation and dehydration). Jodi began to cry and refused, at which point the doctor turned to Quentin and said, “Get her out of here, she’s being irrational.” He thought he would have a better chance at convincing Quentin to leave the baby.

Read the whole story here.

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  1. I think it’s quite simple. If your mother had aborted you at ANY point during her pregnancy, you wouldn’t be here. That tells me when life begins.

  2. “You have a God-given right to live inside your mother. To debate whether it’s right or wrong to rip you out of your mother’s womb? What in the world has happened to us?”
    -Phil Robertson

  3. My friends daughter had a baby girl with a cleft palate. With surgery, the child’s lip has been right again. The grandmother and daughter are beside themselves with happiness with their child and granddaughter. First thing I would do is to eliminate the doctor.

  4. “I look at him and see only perfection.”

    –Sarah Palin on her youngest child, 8-year-old Trig, who was born with Down’s Syndrome

    If this happened to me I would be absolutely livid at the doctor for assuming that I am such a cold-hearted, narcissisrtic, wimpazoa that I could not handle a child with a birth defect. Up his!

  5. I would have suggested that the doctor switch his diet to eating only needles, through his finger nails. Then I would to have shown him of course, it takes technique to shove them up enough to reach the esophagus.

  6. Praying this doctor is either no longer licensed, dead or retired. What a monstrous and depraved indifference to human life. He showed nothing but cruelty to these parents who wanted to feed and care for their baby. It makes you wonder how many other children he murdered.

  7. We had some hardcore religious friends (they frowned at our Halloween decorations) who attended church Sundays and Wednesdays, home schooled and dressed the girls like they were Amish, the whole nine yards.

    The parents were told that one of their pregnancies would be a baby with Trisomy 13, a syndrome caused by a chromosomal abnormality, in which some or all of the cells of the body contain extra genetic material from chromosome 13. They were told it was essentially a death sentence.

    Practically word for word, they were given the same information as the couple above, plus the “fact” that the baby’s care would quickly approach the $1M if he/she didn’t die the first day.

    They aborted immediately.

    To this day I marvel at their total faith in the doctor, the tests, the lab and their quick decision.

  8. When my son was first born the doctors thought something was wrong with him. They called in the neonatologist and rushed him off to another room. I looked at my wife, who had just gone through eight hours of intense labor, who yelled “don’t let him out of your site!”, I rushed to follow the nurses and doctors, probably going where I wasn’t allowed. I would have killed anyone who would have tried to stop me.
    Luckily, there was nothing wrong.
    I can’t imagine someone just saying, “OK, let him die.”

  9. Not feeding a newborn?
    Ok. So long as I get to throat punch you first. Then you can see how it is to not be able to eat first.

  10. It’s amazing how times have changed, and in so many words, how the guardrails have become corrupt instead of protective.

    I have a little sister born in 70 with no roof to her mouth – absolutely none. She was given a 10% chance to live, and was sent home. Mom kept her alive; it was all she did for months, and it was not only exhausting, but it was downright tricky getting food in that kid, I can tell you. We all pitched in.

    At no time, did anyone suggest that she be signed over to the hospital and left to die of starvation and/or dehydration.

    The doctors were amazed that she not only survived, but began to thrive, and she had her first of five surgeries at the age of three months. I think if any of the medical staff back then heard any of their crew advising this, they would have lost privileges.

    She’s fine, BTW. Has a great family and career.

  11. My sister’s second pregnancy was diagnosed in utero with Dandy Walker Syndrome and Trisomy variant. Four different OB’s advised her to abort. She lives in Alaska. So she ranged far and wide, found an MD in Detroit who would deliver. Hannah was born with a large tumor in her cerebellum but no Trisomy variant. Tumor was removed without incident. This was 17 years ago. Hannah kicks ass on swim team, brilliant grades, cute boyfriend, has a smart mouth just like her mom and aunt, and just had her car taken away for… well…. for being a teenager.

    I told my sister she’s more forgiving than me. I told her I would send a reverse-birthday card every year on Hannah’s birthday to each of those ghoulish fuckers who would have denied her a chance.

  12. That “physician” needs to have his license yanked asap. WTF is wrong with that mental defect? Decades ago, I had a child with such defect. I went through the multiple surgeries. I cried endlessly asking myself why? Why did this child have to suffer through so many surgeries? Well, God never gives you more than you can handle, right? I kept that a constant in my mind.
    Never would it have occurred to me to have given this child up for adoption or worse…let the child starve. It left me without savings and many, many years of working multiple part time jobs to make ends meet. I paid every bill off in full. There was no insurance as it was considered a pre existing issue and I never asked for any help. We made it through a tidal wave of tears and laughter because each month was another milestone. I have never regretted doing what I had to do in order to leave this world a better person than I could ever be. I know that when the time comes, I will have left a legacy that will better our world.

  13. There’s a CD out there called “Dial MD for Murder.” Someone ought to perform a late term abortion on this doctor.

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