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Doctor Says Dismissal of Ivermectin Has Been Crimes Against Humanity

He has studies to show its efficacy.

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  1. I’ve mentioned it before, but it also saved my sister in Texas – dramatically! It’s all I’ve taken throughout.

  2. “Doctor Says Dismissal of Ivermectin Has Been Crimes Against Humanity”

    …and no one will ever pay for that crime.

    Too many of the powerful are guilty.

    “To sate the lust of power; more horrid still,
    The foulest stain and scandal of our nature
    Became its boast — One Murder made a Villain,
    Millions a Hero. — Princes were privileg’d
    To kill, and numbers sanctified the crime.
    Ah! why will Kings forget that they are Men?”
    Beilby Porteus, “Death: A Poetical Essay”

  3. Early in the “pandemic” I read a study done in Argentina (I think) where hospital caregivers were taking Ivermection in 12 Mg does every 7 days. None of the caregivers contracted Covid. I promptly went to Mexico and purchased 500 12 Mg Ivermectin (human grade) tablets OVER THE COUNTER. I have been taking it since. I did not contract Covid even though I was exposed numerous times. I had no side effects. It’s a damn miracle drug and that is why WHO has it on the ESSENTIAL medication list.
    That dirtbag Fauci knew this.

  4. I believe they are in the process of passing a bill in California right now making it illegal for doctors to prescribe it.

  5. @Brad,
    Thanks to the electronic logging and reporting system, alerts go out whenever Ivermectin is prescribed. Doctors are threatened with loss of their license if they are found prescribing it for anything other than “approved” reasons. I’ve also read the postal service is intercepting packages of it from non-US pharmacies.


    Order it.

    Get it.

    Make sure you have enough for your loved ones.

    Watch the fools die and thin the herd.

    They are killing themselves. No need to be angry at them unless they are forcefully keeping it from you.

    Sadly, I have a great D-i-L that doesn’t understand yet. She happens to be the real money-maker in that family and is required to take the shots and thinks I’m a nut on this subject.

    She just went through an episode of getting a blood clot and suffering a mild-ish stroke. Her mental acuity is diminished. She talks about how it has affected her.

    I asked her if she was done taking the shots.

    Her: “Why? What do they have to do with it?”

    Trying to tell her the shots are considered clot-shots was completely ignored.

    Seriously considering taking out a million dollar life policy on her.

    Love you, but if you’re going to be stupid about it, I’ll do what I can to cover your family.

  7. I’m 61, overweight, borderline diabetic, and liquid ivermectin is what kept me out of the hospital what I had covid. Still had to do back door deals to get it though.

  8. When all this was new, I read everything I could get my hands on. I have a rare blood type which was requested when my local hospitals were doing heart surgery (back in the 70’s). It was explained to me that I had a “rare clotting factor”. Never really had a great explanation of the meaning, but when the first issues of clotting problems came out, my ears perked up.

    I was skeptical of Fauci from the beginning. Too sure of himself, the narrative changed too often, decided to “wait” on the shot. The longer I waited the more against the shot I became.

    Long story, but I went to the local feed store, pretended that I needed Ivermectin for my child’s sheep, (no young child, no sheep) bought it and a needle and have been dosing myself twice every two weeks (4xper month). I squirt it into a small amount of juice. It’s a bit bitter, but a water chaser is all I have ever needed.

    No side effects for me,
    no covid for me,
    no new worries about the shot for me.

  9. Early on in the scamdemic we ordered our original supply from India. Been taking it weekly ever since. I’m 70 and wife is 69. No covid for either of us this entire time.


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