Documenting the Dissolution of Civility in Canada – Woman Flings Feces at Tim Hortons Employee

Anyone interested in witnessing the decay of civil society in Canada, a country I always considered to be somewhat polite, can see exhibit #2 HERE. (appropriately, it is on Live Leak.)

Be forewarned, this is kinda disgusting and will make you feel bad for the 10 dollar an hour employee that has to clean this up.

The Province-

A woman could be facing charges after an irate confrontation at a Langley Tim Hortons Monday ended in feces being thrown at staff.

On Wednesday, surveillance video showing Tim Hortons staff being harassed was posted on Liveleak and YouTube.

In the video, which has no sound, a woman can be seen screaming at staff before squatting on the floor and relieving herself. She then picks up the excrement and throws it at staff.


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38 Comments on Documenting the Dissolution of Civility in Canada – Woman Flings Feces at Tim Hortons Employee

  1. Damn lucky she was white. You refuse bathrooms to the communnite shit will fly then shit will rain down on you.

  2. Back when I was making $1.25/hr in 1746 we would lift them outside and throw skulls to the curb. No, actually we didn’t cause this never happened. But now it does happen thanks to the $10/hr employee that’s tasked with a cell phone as a primary weapon.

  3. Crapping in public seems to be a new leftist trend. I first noticed it when the sickos had the Occupy Wall Street thing, when a picture circulated on the internet that showed some Occupy dufus crapping on a police car. During the election of 2016, a woman was photographed dumping on a picture of Trump.

    There seems to be no shame in the act.

  4. day yum ETp … you was a rich bastid in 1746 … I remember making a $1 an hour in 1968 & thinking I was John J. Gotrich w/ a 10 cent raise!


    In 1967 I got $2.06 an hour for janitorial work. I thought I was flyin’ high.

  6. You’d better get used to seeing that at Starbucks if they ever lock up the bathrooms again.

  7. I can’t imagine the extreme mental illness required to squat, in public, while angry and shouting and overexcited, and swoosh a bowel movement. On command. At will. Onto a public floor.
    And then pick up the steaming 98’ mass. In your bare hand. And throw it at a total stranger.
    40, maybe 50+ lifelong adult behavioral inhibitors you would have to overcome for that.

    One. Sick. Psycho.

    In related news, Tim Horton’s CEO announces the restaurant chain is cancelling its new “One Dollar Bath Salts” menu options.

  8. Welllll There is no real problem that I see. The customer is simply making a return.
    Horton’s machines are filth worms-in-you-ass breeding projects.

  9. @Rufus T … talent, nothing explains it but TALENT … this is not a normal move, but she pulled it off … first time!

    NOTHING BUT NET!!!! ………….. BRAVO!!!

  10. There’s no audio but I’m sure she said “Sorry Eh” on the way oot the door. She is Canadian ya know

  11. for the last thousand or so years, humans did not fling poo at each other. what happened in the last 8-10 years. oh…

  12. She is just getting ready to assimilate into the Community of newly arrived Islamic immigrants.

  13. When my younger brother and I decided we were old enough to get away with using the s-word in front of adults one day we said it when talking to grandpa. He said, ” you just had something in your mouth I wouldn’t want to hold in my hand.”. ( the result – my brother & I never formed the habit of using the s-word).

    But I’d bet grandpa never saw anyone who doesn’t mind taking a dump in public, picking up their own crap in their own hand & throwing it at someone. Clearly she won’t be shamed & if the Canadians don’t do something that sends a strong message that this kind thing won’t be tolerated they’ll have more of it.

  14. Ouch! Paper towels will scratch yo’ ass.

    This must be fake. She had fake poop stuffed between her thighs. How could she pick it up all in one grab and throw it without it falling apart? Even Obama couldn’t do that.


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