Documents Link Putin’s ‘Favorite’ Oligarch and Obama Official Who Aided Author of Anti-Trump Dossier


NEW YORK — Jonathan M. Winer, the Obama State Department official who acknowledged regularly interfacing and exchanging information with the author of the largely discredited 35-page anti-Trump dossier, signed disclosure forms for his former firm to represent a Russian billionaire known as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s favorite oligarch.

The detail, being brought to light herein, may raise immediate questions about the origins of the dossier. The oligarch, Oleg Deripaska, had a reported business dispute with former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, is closely tied to Putin and has long been viewed as pushing Russian national interests.

Already, there have been questions about Deripaska’s possible relationship with dossier author Christopher Steele amid reports that the billionaire may have served as a source for the dossier itself.

Also, recently leaked text messages show extensive communication between a Russia-connected lawyer and Sen. Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee. The attorney, Adam Waldman, was a paid lobbyist for Deripaska.  The messages show Warner attempted to arrange a meeting with Steele through Waldman.  more here

8 Comments on Documents Link Putin’s ‘Favorite’ Oligarch and Obama Official Who Aided Author of Anti-Trump Dossier

  1. The never ending song…….
    It’s like the tree ( or entire forest in this case ) falling in the woods. If no one is there- or if no liberal journalist report any of it- did it make any noise. We know damn well the tree fell over. But there isn’t any noise coming from the liberal media.

    Media: look at the big boobied whore spouting of, all the while they tell us this

  2. Nothing is going to happen to the select few under the shield and protection of the DOJ and the FBI. Don’t waste your time hoping for justice, no one else is allowed to lay a glove on them either. Tough luck


    Wait, wait, wait… lemmee put on my “surprised” face… Ah! Here we go!



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