DOE official was informed of effort to graduate failing students

NY Post:

A smoking-gun email obtained by The Post shows that a top city Department of Education official was informed about shady efforts to graduate 150 failing students through quickie online courses in apparent violation of DOE rules.

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Cyndi Kerr, a director of “school renewal” under Mayor Bill de Blasio’s $400 million plan to turn around 94 low-performing schools, was CC’d on a June 1 email in which a Flushing High School administrator said the flunking kids would be put in online classes to help them graduate.

It’s against DOE rules to have students to do “credit recovery” work while the classes they are failing are still in session, staffers said.

In the email, a Flushing administrator said the failing kids would be enrolled in Apex Learning online classes and a physical-education “boot camp.”


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  1. A better solution would be for the NY school district to bring in illegal alien school teachers to do the job that the NYC teachers won’t do.

  2. But heaven forbid there be any support for school choice. These poor kids hardly have a chance when there is no support at home, no support in their communities and no support in the schools. Some teachers try, but the system is a soul crusher.

  3. I sooooo much want to say something about Common Core. I know this scenario has been going on long before CC, but it will get worse.

    I think I’m in trouble at work for mouthing off too much about CC (even though my feelings about it are shared by many at work – even those who are upset with me for saying out-loud what they think), so I’ll leave it at that.

  4. That so-called effort appears to be succeeding all around the nation. The public schools, at least here, only graduate about 78% of those who are age eligible. Of that 78%, it is very apparent by university stat’s that a large percentage of every recent high school graduating class is unprepared for college level work and need basic remedial intervention!

  5. good point. Years ago my church which has a K-12 , 500 plus student school associated with it, put an 18 classroom addition onto the building, total cost $3,000,000. At the same time a local public grade school put a 9 classroom addition on for a total cost of $6,0000,000. it does not take an engineer to figure out that a the per classroom cost was 4 to 1 ratio. I never did my question answered by local gov’t / school board officials of how to explain the difference.

  6. The mayor’s wife giving the black power salute which is most commonly associated with black nationalism and socialism.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

  7. I understand how you feel. I work at a Bass Pro Shops in CA and I constantly mouth off about my conservative political views.

    Every once in a while I hear someone complaining to me about keeping more to myself about it – to which I answer, “no”. Then I tell them that if they wish to fire me, then fire me – as long as you make sure it’s because I’m not doing my job (selling guns).

    That usually shuts them up for a few days.

  8. when I went to school I was afraid to fail any of my classes because of social pressure and my parents wrath, the teachers could have cared less, now the teachers and administrators are afraid the kids will fail?
    could it be that fear has been shifted to the wrong group?

    loss of budget money motivates the administrators, what is supposed to motivate the kids and parents, (and teachers since they cannot be fired)?

    the whole public school system is broken.

    improper motivation for all parties involved.

  9. “What, exactly, costs $400 million dollars??????????”

    Administration will cost $395 mil alone silly. And with baseline budgeting they’ll get more money next year providing they are over budget this year.

  10. Part of the tab is all the teachers that have court orders that prevent them from being around children but as they belong to a Union said teachers can’t be fired.

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