Does America need Journalists?

American Thinker: Chris Cillizza of CNN sent one of the most unintentionally hilarious posts into the Twittersphere when he proudly displayed his new (and ugly) sweater that read “America Needs Journalists.”

Apart from the obvious tone-deafness of the message being sent at a time when most American would gladly trade the entire CNN staff for a single grocery store worker, trucker, medic, or just about anything else, this intrepid CNN American hero stumbled upon a sentiment that conservatives can fully get behind.  America does need journalists.  Too bad we have so few of them.

Irony is never quite as thick as when journalists are preening about themselves, fretting about Democracy dying in darkness or patting themselves on the back for their extreme courage and manifest importance.  For today’s journalists who follow the Acosta/Cillizza model, why report on a story when you can make yourself one? read more 

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  1. Dear Diary, America needs me. Why can’t they see that? I’m important. If not for me, how would ignorant Americans know what to think?

  2. The U.S. has lots and lots of journalists. I’m not using that hijacked word the way the hijackers do: to mean people who write or speak about current events. I’m using the word to include everybody who writes a blog or comments on sites such as iOTWreport. We’re ALL journalists now!

    We also have a quite a number of people reporting on current events, even some who are fairly objective. Unfortunately, none of these seem to be working for the MSM partisan propaganda organs. But we do have some mighty fine citizen journalists reporters, and I’m damned grateful for them.

  3. Of course we need journalists, there aren’t enough traitorous, self absorbed liars in the media today.😏

  4. 3000 MSM employees telling the same story with the same spin on the same day, as you are told to do, is not journalism. Hiding democrat lies, corruption, crimes, and scandals is not journalism. Lying about all thing Republican is not journalism.

  5. what’s five miles long with an IQ of 30? – a journalist parade

    what does a journalist get when you give them Viagra? – taller

    if a journalist falls in the woods does any one care?

    why did the journalist get hit by a bike everyday? – because their caught in a vicious cycle

    three journalists walk into a bar and say “ouch” – then write stories about how the bar is racist and phobic

    what’s the difference between a journalist and a gigolo? – a gigolo only screws one person at a time

    what’s the difference between a journalist and a prostitute? – there are some things a prostitute won’t do for money

    how does a journalist change a light bulb? – they hold the bulb while the world revolves around them

    what are the best four years of a journalists life? – the third grade

    knock knock
    whose there?
    outta my
    outta my who?
    outta my way I have a narrative to write

    why did the journalist get fired from the m&m’s factory? – they kept throwing out the W’s

    what’s the difference between a trampoline and a journalist? – you take your shoes off to jump on a trampoline

    how many journalist does the entirety of cbs news, abc news, nbc news , msnbc and cnn employ? – none

    acosta and a porcupine walk into a bar, and the bartended yells out – “we don’t serve pricks in here” – so acosta walks out

    what’s the difference between bigfoot and a smart journalist? – bigfoot has been spotted

    what do you call a person who touches a journalist? – a proctologist

  6. Yes, we need journalist, but we don’t have any. It’s not a supply problem, they just aren’t making them anymore. Who knows, with a diligent search we may be able to dig a few up.

  7. Hint: If you have to advertise and proclaim your value to the world, then the world does not need you.

  8. The other night there was a “news” story that was obviously a recorded story like those things they have on utube complete with the robot voice. So no, we don’t need their “opinions” and lies.

  9. We probably have plenty of life saving devices that expel life saving oxygen. They are in a pitched battle against journalists that suck it all up.

  10. I can think of a few:
    – Sheryl Atkinson
    – Tucker Carlson
    – Maria Bartiromo
    – Lou Dobbs
    – Katherine Herridge
    – Charles Payne
    For a start

    Not on list: Any members of the Democrat Media Mafia

  11. @ Mr. Anth Ropy: CORRECT!! And that exhausts the list except for Sarah Carter and John Solomon. Without those few, democracy would be dying in dorkness.

  12. Short answer, NO!
    But we do need hot fries and sweet tea refills!
    Re-open all the restaurants and shut down the lying criminal media!!!

  13. The problem seems to be that, like too many things today, journalists are also being produced in China or other similar People’s Republics…


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