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Does Anybody Believe the FBI Isn’t Out to Defeat Encryption?

The talking points insist this Apple case is an isolated incident. Evidence suggests otherwise.


FBI Director James Comey starts his defense of their effort to force Apple to help them break into the iPhone of San Bernardino terrorist and killer Syed Farook with a sentence that is that is extremely hard to take seriously: “The San Bernardino litigation isn’t about trying to set a precedent or send any kind of message.”

That’s from a Sunday contribution on the Lawfare blog, focusing on the same talking points we’ve been hearing from the feds since a judge last week ordered Apple to take some actions that would make it easier for the FBI to brute force the passcode into Farook’s phone. Comey insists that what the FBI is asking for is very narrow and is not about breaking encryption or creating a “master key” to force back doors into encryption.

There are also plenty of appeals to emotion to try to make people feel bad for resisting their efforts. The title of the post is “We Could Not Look the Survivors in the Eye if We Did Not Follow this Lead,” a sentiment repeated in the content of the short commentary.

The problem with treating Comey’s claim credibly is that we all know full well that the White House, more

16 Comments on Does Anybody Believe the FBI Isn’t Out to Defeat Encryption?

  1. The number of times govt security apparatchiks have relinquished a power after being granted it can be counted on the fingers of a mohammadman thief’s right hand.

    Comey isn’t stupid, and therefore knows this. So – he’s lying.

  2. All this gay talk about back doors, I don’t get it.

    So is Apple gay?

  3. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook needs to hire Hillary and Huma to fend off the FBI.
    They took years to turn over documents.

    FBI are a bunch of North Koreans compared to the Clinton Crime Family.

  4. Yes, Apple is the ghey.
    This is about a dead criminal that has a safe full of information that likely incriminates others higher up the food chain.
    Crapple has two choices. Unlock it for the Feds, or give the Feds a key like they did the Chinese and other repressive governments.
    The latter is what Crapple wants. They care not about our privacy, they just want to avoid the hassle of doing this chore but they want the lofos to think otherwise.
    Thanks to Crapple, every hacker will soon be able to defeat the security.
    Go ahead, take a bite, don’t mind the maggots.

  5. Isn’t it odd that during WWII a gay guy, Alan Turing cracked a code for the government and now a gay guy, Tim Cook is keeping a code from being cracked for the government?

  6. According to FOX, the NSA already has what the FBI is looking for. Go get it from them.

  7. funny that Cook has no problem with giving the ChiComms access to Apple security codes …. & has given security codes to the US government, according to the US government, over 70 time, but can’t seem to give ’em up when it comes to a dead muzzie

  8. I bet the deal is that they already cracked the phone and the Feds threw them a bone by continuing the fight so they look good to the public, and the goat molesters remain unaware

  9. There is a reason that the US Gov uses encryption. It is impossible to break.

    The FBI wants to look at what is in the phone and wants Apple to allow them to enter unlimited number of pass keys. If the phone was using a 4 digit pass key it is possible. If they used a 5 digit the asteroid will hit before they try all the possible combinations.

    Messages on the phone are already un-encrypted and the FBI wants to look at them.

    I have no idea how the encryption is handled on an Apple phone but my guess is the matrix generation starts with a random number generator. If all apple phones used the same encryption matrix then it wouldn’t be encryption because everybody would have the same keys and the same padlocks.

    But lets say they were somehow able to get the keys and locks on both sides of a particular asymmetric encryption program. It would take very little time to establish another system that would be just as complex and impossible to break.

    There are hundreds of encryption programs available and if you happen to know the keys and locks on one particular program that knowledge does you no good with the next program.

    Encryption is an extraordinarily simple concept powered by complex mathematical calculations.

    Until the modern computer and fast computing speeds the concept was know but was not able to be utilized.

  10. how soon would gay tim cook hack the iphone of a christian baker that refused to bake a homo wedding cake?

  11. Coming soon:

    The FB-iPhone 6-es

    Combines FaceBook, the FBI, and a socialist company that requires cheap labor with capitalist monetary gains, while available in español

  12. Wouldn’t it be awesome if people wake up and realize that unless they encrypt their shit, the government and other thieves will access their personal data?

  13. The FBI shouldn’t be able to look the citizens in the eye after the way they handled the crime scene at the San Berdo jihadi’s house.

    Let Apple unlock the phone while an FBI flunky watches from across the room – at Apple. Then toss the faggot the phone: ” here, go do your fucking job now you useless prick.”

    I believe the FBI is now so tainted by the 0bama administration that they work harder to protect the moslems and their caliphate than they do to protect joe usa citizen. All the federal government is corrupt.

  14. I liken the FBI wanting this from Apple, in this way:

    A builder builds a gated housing area with special a entry gate with each homeowner having a unique code created by themselves to get in and the builder does not have access, except through a homeowner’s release.

    Then the FBI wants to serve a warrant on one of the residents, so they ask the builder to create a way to get in, by building a new gate that they promise to use only on this ‘one’ warranted resident.

    So where does that leave the security of the rest of the residents? Open for business.

    And we all know how safe the government keeps our information. They use and abuse it, and remember all of the announced hacks? IRS, DOD, and even the ‘successful'(?) Obamacare and social security and on and on.

    Oh yea, let’s trust them. I trust our government as much as I would trust a pure bred female dog in heat to be safe at a dog park.

  15. Nothin’s what it seems. Since fuckin when do the alphabet Agencies (CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA, &c) need Apple’s help to break a code?

    Outside of this being a strong admission of incompetence, it should make every American know that the money we’re wasting on these agencies is truly being wasted. About all they’re good for is murdering Malaysians and Chinese, and manufacturing evidence against the nomenklatura’s enemies.

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