Does Bernie Sanders really believe that he can squeeze a hundred billion dollars out of Bill Gates every single year?

Patriot Retort:

There’s nothing more resentful and divisive than the politics of envy.

But if it weren’t for the politics of envy, neither Bernie Sanders nor Liz Warren would have anything to run on.

Yesterday, I was tootling along on Twitter when I noticed Bernie railing against Microsoft founder Bill Gates for having the temerity to complain about being taxed to death by the socialists running for President. read more

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  1. Yes.
    Gates will pay to stay alive.
    Epstein did not kill himself, and neither will Gates.

    Of course, the nihilistic totalitarians (socialists) will kill them anyway.
    Kill the geese that lay golden eggs.

    The “socialist” insanity has no merit – no rationality – no purpose – other than the accretion of power to a handful.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Sanders was a derelict & a lazy slob his
    entire adult life.Never did a day of work.
    You want him to rule over us libtards ???

  3. Bernie is a unrepentant miser and yet sees no contradiction in coveting others wealth. How this dirty little curmudgeon has any voter base is disappointing.

  4. It won’t take that long to destroy the wealth of those rich people. Can you imagine what would happen to the value of Microsoft and Amazon once their bigwigs have to start selling their shares in order to pay the wealth taxes?

  5. They could enact policies that don’t create or support poor people, how about that? Instead they want to take from the rich to create more poor people and support their poorness.

    Wouldn’t it be better to have a candidate that said, “I’m going to make you f**king RICH! You’re all going to be million/billionaires!”

    Sort of like, “You’re going to get sick of winning!”

    Stop trying to make us all poor. The policies the dems want are going to make middle class poor and rich the middle class.

    Most people would rather have someone elevate societal wealth, not tear it down. Hence why PDJT is going to win 4 more years!!

  6. He knows he can’t, but that’s not the point; Free everything is just a ploy to get the votes of stupid people

  7. The kicker with Gates is that he has already said he is going to contribute the bulk of his assets. Bernie just wants the government to control how it is spent – because he is so much wiser than a simple highly-successful entrepreneur.

  8. “We need the money to help the children. They’re starving and also suffering from obesity. We must do everything we can to help the children.”

  9. It’s not hard to picture the used-to-be rich finally giving up working for the government and the great unwashed and quit and live a meager life on whatever the Bernies BrownShirts have left them. The trouble is the following morning they are woken at gunpoint and escorted into the office to continue to make money. They’re now a slave albeit with fewer whips and more comfortable chairs but a slave nonetheless because the government can’t do without them and they’ll be worked till they die or can’t make the grade in which case it’s a small step to a bullet and a ditch.


    Probably not. He just needs enough voters to believe it.

  11. Does he believe it? Of course he does!

    This guy must fell as falsely inflated as traitor john kerry: another scummy POS who sold out his country for profit, and because he preached for the democrat media, he was able to stay in office for years.

    Same with sanders. Same with mccain.

  12. People who don’t understand the difference between debt and deficit won’t see any problem with Bernie’s plan. People of the land. The common clay of the new West.

  13. The 16th Amendment says, in effect: “Give me your money or I’ll imprison and/or kill you.”
    It is one of the earmarks of tyranny: “All that you earn is potentially mine. And I can do with it what I will, and you are helpless to defend yourself.”

    The omnipotent leviathan could not be constructed without it.

    We need to quit financing corruption and our own demise.

    izlamo delenda est …


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