Does Bill Clinton Have AIDS?

JFA: Bill and Hillary Clinton both refuse to make their personal medical records public and it is being widely speculated that Bill having AIDS that is the reason for the refusal.

While the “Coughing Candidate Hillary” has plenty of reason to not release her records, the once energetic Bill is showing his age… and as well, definite signs of some serious health issues.

TONY ELLIOT reported a year before Charlie Sheen admitted he had aids and he reports at the Universal Free Press that he sees all the same signs in Bill Clinton.

“Since I follow this year’s presidential primaries very closely, I have recently noticed the same physical characteristics of AIDS patients being exhibited by Bill Clinton’s appearance and persona. At first, anyone may think he is getting up in age and the deteriorating features are natural. However, on further examination, one has to conclude Bill Clinton is a very ill man suffering from advanced stages of AIDS.  more

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  1. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving man-I think it’s great to see him virtually melting away right before our eyes.

  2. Hey, don’t forget that the Arkansas hillbilly is our new American royalty so he can have whatever he wants ‘or gets’ no questions asked (heh heh heh heh!

  3. I suspect the “Aids” caused him to start the vegan / vegetarian diet. Hillary’s bowling ball belly is a sure sign of cirrhosis of the liver.

  4. So then the “yoga class schedules” were AIDS treatment sessions for Slim Willy. I can see where she’d want to delete that.

  5. The original reason for locking down his Medical Records was to hide the fact he’s as sterile as a wrapped Band-Aid®.

  6. If he’s got the Anally Injected Death Sentence, he’d better stay away from me. A wheel-chair is bad, but a wheeled gurney is worse.

    Wait, what does it matter now? Never mind.

  7. Who cares?
    Are there any “Bill Clinton” fans out there who really GAF whether he lives or dies? He’s an entertainer. A walking joke. A pathetic, viagra-chomping, greasy, old, has-been rapist. He’s one of those guys who improve after death.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. I went to see the ‘Despicable Me’, movie, because I thought it was a Clinton (either one) autobiography. Oh well.

    If the bastard dies, it will garner a lot of sympathy votes for his gleeful widow. Let’s hope he will wait, at least until after the election, to pass on, either naturally or Fosterized.

  9. (rustle rustle). .. nope, not in that pocket. . . (rustle rustle). . . not in that pocket either. Must’ve left my give-a-shit in my other pants pockets. Sorry, bubba, yer all outta luck.

  10. If this is true I wonder how many women this bastard sexually assaulted and left them with the virus? Well, at least Hillary won’t have to worry unless Bubba got to Huma. Isn’t it funny how Warren is pounding Trump on not releasing his tax returns while Obama has spent over a million of campaign money (which is illegal I think) in keeping his college transcripts and records sealed from the public and the Clintons keeping their medical records sealed.

  11. So long as he doesn’t kick off before the election.
    If he does, the Dems will play for the grieving widow, sympathy vote…

  12. I’ve done some research into the matter and I’ve arrived at one conclusion

    He didn’t get it from Hillary

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