Does CAIR, HAMAS and JIHAD Have Safe Harbor Under Scott Israel Leadership?

This is disturbing.

ht/ JC Lady

14 Comments on Does CAIR, HAMAS and JIHAD Have Safe Harbor Under Scott Israel Leadership?

  1. That Florida (Fucked up county) is suspending and penalizing the two City Police Swat team members that bypassed the little girls “Waiting For Back Up’ and rushed the building. They’re both being suspended with out pay. Some son of a bitch needs to do something about this.

  2. Sounds like it to me. Add that to “stand down” orders and he’s the bestest of the best for leadership, he’s a narcissist lib that won’t last for six months.

  3. What’s even worse is the whack job killer had a failure to feed with his cheap gun. So he dumped it and walked out with the rest of the kids. How many more would have died while Deputy Dawg coward out side had that gun not malfunctioned? These two SWAT guys need a freaken metal.

  4. I don’t think the coma kid did all that much shooting himself, it was the Police looking guys in full body armour that the Teacher saw shooting !
    Do they think we’re Retarded ? ( they know we’re not )

  5. “cowered out side”

    No, Fuck that. They did not down, duck down, take cover. They were COWARDS. You need some man training. I’m guessing you a school teacher.

  6. “there is not butt without allahs head firmly inserted and muhammad is his masseuse”

  7. When they respond to nutball’s home ten, twenty, thirty or thirty nine times and knew how unstable he was and do NOTHING, you gotta ask: “Were they simply cultivating a human pressure-cooker bomb and waiting for it to go off?
    Where did Cruz get all his guns? Did he have some “help” acquiring them and from whom?
    Israel and his whole clan need to be thoroughly investigated because there is a LOT more here than meets the eye!!


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