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Does Hillary even know what “Incentive” means?

PatriotRetort: I mentioned on Sunday that if you really want to get disgusted, reading Hillary’s Twitter feed will do it. This morning, I wandered over there against my better judgement and discovered that Hillary Rodham Clinton, a Yale educated attorney, does not seem to know what the word “Incentive” means.

Check out this tweet:

hillary tweet incentives

We’ve got to stop giving companies incentives to move jobs overseas?


Sweet merciful Zeus.

Companies are moving overseas, not because “we” are “giving them incentives” to do so. They are moving overseas because “we” are creating a deterrent to their staying.  more here

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  1. Ah Alex, I’ll take How Can I Make Myself Look even More Stupid in 11 words for a $1,000.

    Clueless. As are the 60 Million poised to vote for her.

    And don’t forget the likes of the scumbag Kristol or PJ O’Rourke(who I used like, I’ve got most of his books) who are adamant about their #neverTrump crap.

  2. Hillary’s version of incentive is more like ‘threats, coercion, crush to death’.

  3. Taxes, rules and regulations, threat of boycott, disruption of meetings, etc., are incentives according to the dimocrats.

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