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Does it make sense to vaccinate those who have had covid?

Sebastian Rushworth M.D.:
One of the strangest things about the last few months on planet Earth has been the relentless drive to vaccinate everyone, regardless of what their individual risk from the virus is, and whether or not they’ve already had the disease. It was well known long before covid came along that people who have had an infection are usually at least as well protected as those who get vaccinated. The whole point of vaccination is, after all, to mimic infection so as to stimulate immunity. If you’ve had measles, you don’t need to take the measles vaccine. If you’ve had hepatitis A, you don’t need to take the hepatitis A vaccine. If you’ve had chickenpox, you don’t need to take the chickenpox vaccine. Yet if you’ve had covid, you should supposedly still take the covid vaccine. Strange.

The obsession with vaccinating everyone is particularly odd in a situation where access to vaccines is limited and the stated goal is to reach herd immunity as quickly as possible, since wasting time vaccinating people who have already had the infection will inevitably delay the time it takes for a population to reach herd immunity. read more

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  1. I’ve been pointing this out repeatedly. I had COVID and therefore have the only real vaccine. I’m constantly pressured to get the shot at the VA.

  2. How about we make a list of public health responses to covid which DO make sense.

    There. i’m done

  3. Has there ever been a better example in history where a political agenda has driven/shaped/manipulated the “science”?

    And who made the teachers unions practicing epidemiologists? Talk about the tail wagging the dog.

  4. Another article I found a while ago said
    the viral vector vaccine doesn’t use live, dead, or weak C-19 virus.

    So your own immunity AFTER catching some form of the controlavirus is much better than the Johnson “vax”.

  5. That question is predicated on the assumption that all of the mandates are driven by public health concerns.

  6. But if your already immune, you still need the genetic modifier.
    So saith the Fauci and Gates.
    Self appointed Royalty and Prophets.

  7. Your more likely to solve the covid pandemic by chewing bubble gum on a Tuesday than you are thru these vaccines.

  8. rich taylor- I am trying to find the video, but there is one short film from the the early silent movie days where they exposed the same shit the government is doing now.

    Locking down churches, blaming ‘certain’ people for spreading viruses, morally and politically shaming of people, locking down ‘certain’ stores but not others, and not allowing protests of it all.
    Sounds familiar, huh?

  9. The lefties who see politicians as gods should have been broken from their spell when they saw cuomo and all the other royalty walking around and partying with NO MASKS ON, very early on, until now.
    Fauci even told the gays to use their little social apps to ‘hook up’.
    BLantifa rioting with no consequence.
    Open borders under biden with every disease known to mankind walking through.

    But they’re still just little star-fuckers.

  10. On top of it, you are called stupid if you decide not to take it and totally shut out of the conversation if you try to explain why you shouldn’t.

    More and more I think it’s the vaxxed are waking up to problems associated with the vax and the fact it did nothing for them. First it was to take off the mask and to not be infected. Now they have to wear the mask and can still be infected. The narrative has changed to, ‘well you at least won’t die.’ Then people are dying not only from covid after being vaxed but dying from the vax itself! Forcing everyone to get jabbed throws us all in the same misery together in company. It’s straight up peer pressure.

  11. So, how would you know if you’ve had COVID-19 or even been exposed to it? They haven’t isolated the virus to produce an accurate test. They aren’t running antibody studies, which makes sense for the same reason. And some studies suggest that 30-40% of the population may already be immune to it due to their heavy lifetime exposure to the Corona virus family.

    And it turns out that in most counties of the United States, there simply never was a “pandemic.”

    All they’ve managed to do is kill any notion of “Public Health” that we once had and replaced it with fear and threats of tyranny.

  12. Ecp:
    Sorta reminds you of the inner city mom, who upon learning her child killed 5 people, raped a tree, set fire to 2 police cars, has a rap-sheet 2 yards long, says, “NOT MA CHILE! He’s a good boy. A VERY good boy.”

    NOT MAH Vax, it’s a good vax. A VERY good vax.

  13. Back in 1918, with the advent of H1N1 flu (Spanish Flu) there were similar lock downs but back then they were really trying to listen to the science because of the degree of lethality.

    Today, more people are dying of the regular flu, of diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, stroke, pulmonary difficulties.

    They are targeting “zero” covid infections and that will never happen.

  14. None of this makes sense if you think about it. They’ve admitted they don’t have a sample of the vaccine, so they made the test with cold virus, the reason for all the false positives, but then I ask if you don’t have a sample how can you test?

    So that begs the question what are people getting sick with? If you do get sick, is it something new or something that’s been around for years, yet they just say it’s covid?

    Now I will say we got sick with something that had all the symptoms they said, I did keep saying the illegals probably brought in some new virus we’ve never been exposed to, which I guess is still a possibility because nobody is really looking at it, just automatically calling it covid. I believe there is a disease, just not sure what it is and not convinced anyone else knows what it is either.

    Why the desperate push for the vaccine?

    Why when any other vaccine had a small amount of deaths was it pulled, yet this one has thousands and still isn’t being pulled?

    SO yeah even with all the research I’ve done, I still have a lot of questions and nobody seems to want to attempt to answer them or look for the answers.

  15. delete delete delete.
    Anyone else sick of the anti-Trump corona bots?
    The gubmint must be paying them double since 0bama era. 🤣

  16. I had covid which I caught on a Princess cruise ship 12/3/2019. I know the date, because we got off the ship 12/4/2019. Woman in the cabin next to us was sick from the day she got on board. She hacked, coughed, vomited a few times. It took me 6 weeks to get over it. 1/2020 is when TSHTF, I was probably a super spreader. I’m not getting the jab, I’m fully covered.

  17. P.S. In 2019 they did not know what it was (kept it secret from the public). Then they put a name to it, a year later they rolled out an unscientific jab that’s now killing people. Planned genocide. No scientist or doctor with any intelligence would tell their patients to get the jab. My doctor hasn’t tried to convince me to get the jab, he tried to tell me about the covid patients he has seen. He realized he was talking to a brick wall with me. Thing about this doctor, he doesn’t like giving out prescriptions, so why start with telling people to get the jab? He knows better with me.

  18. I’m supposed to believe that a government that allows all kinds of chemicals in my food,is somehow all concerned about my health?
    Shit me a new one.

  19. The Cleveland Clinic did a study on some 50,000 of their own employees – finds that recovery from SARS-2 is just as effective preventing another infection as the vaccine.

  20. Fauxi is the American Lysenko – the American Mengele (as someone pointed out earlier).
    The rabid POS needs to go.
    China, maybe.
    Or mexico.
    Or canada.
    Hmmm … cuba would be a good fit.

    izlamo delenda est …

  21. Goldenfoxx, it started right after Christmas for us and had worked it’s way through all of the family who was at Christmas by February. Doctor just said it was a virus.

  22. It does make sense to the cabal who are determined to kill off most of the world’s population for the climate and the earth.

  23. A co-worker who is about 60 told me yesterday that she and her husband got one of the brands of shots a few months ago. She got the first one, he got both. Last week, out of nowhere, he had a heart attack and a stroke. Coincidence? Maybe, decide for yourself.

  24. Was treated at my local VA for covid….stayed one night…when i was released the following day they kept pushing for me to get the jab…i kept telling them no but they kept insisting…finally they asked why i won’t get the jab and i told them i’m not a guinea pig for big pharma bill gates or the government…what i don’t understand is why people will voluntarily take the jab….even the guy that invented the jab, Dr. Robert Malone is against the jab and sees what problems or side effects along with possible death that can arise from getting the jab.

  25. From the start the entire thing was designed to bring American to their knees to the buttwipe regime and since many have not submitted to them…well now….enter the bogus “delta variant” to engage another lockdown and stealing of our liberties and freedoms which is actually the REALreal “pandemic”. The buttwipe swamp crew must create “new” crisis in order to hide their previous crimes.

  26. I don’t understand why people do not take the time to read the experts who are trying to tell you what is going on.Authorities are not interested in making you better.If they were HCQ and Ivermectin would have cleared this poisoned flu epidemic up by now.They want to get Graphene oxide into you +the spiked protein.
    Because the shot is losing it’s efficacy due to your own immune system they want to overcome it by giving you booster jabs.It has been well documented why all this is takong place so why are we haing this argument at all?

  27. grool AUGUST 3, 2021 AT 6:40 PM

    A co-worker who is about 60 told me yesterday that she and her husband got one of the brands of shots a few months ago. She got the first one, he got both. Last week, out of nowhere, he had a heart attack and a stroke. Coincidence? Maybe, decide for yourself.


    As a sacrifice to true science, I will forever be in the control group for this experimental chemical cocktail.

    I’m a giver like that.


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