Does Joe Biden Have a Problem With Consistency on Key Issues?

Larry Elder takes a look at Joe Biden’s messaging on two important issues: Saddam Hussein’s alleged WMD program, and the character of the individual who tragically caused the death of Biden’s wife and daughter in a car accident in 1972.

What Larry finds is that Joe’s messaging over the years on both issues has been a little less than consistent.

7 Comments on Does Joe Biden Have a Problem With Consistency on Key Issues?

  1. No, he’s not inconsistent. He’s always a lying dog faced pony soldier.

    Calls to suicide hotline spike as a result of the dems panic and shutting down everything.

    It’s estimated that if unemployment goes over 5 percent, there will be at least 75 thousand deaths from a combination of suicide and stress related illnesses like heart attacks and other serious maladies.

    Also, Sweden is giving it’s citizens discretion to do whatever they want with no lockdowns or anything else, with the exception of a ban on events over 500 people. And they are doing better in the fight against this virus and most other countries.

    This is a dem, obama bootlicker induced panic in America that is going to result in catastrophic consequences. And our “republican” congressmen WONT DO A DAMN THING ABOUT STOPPING THE DEMS FROM CREATING IT. IN FACT, MOST OF THEM ARE ASSISTING THE DEMOCRATS.

    What do we have to do to get a gov’t that is not corrupt as hell.

  2. Jackass Joe is a wet-finger democRAT!
    Mostly from his bald-faced lies to say what he thinks the Media wants to hear at the time, or whatever he thinks will make him look like a big shot, but evidently from unwanted sexual harassment as well!!

  3. Joe just doesn’t shoot/spout from the hip. No.

    While viewing his hip, rotate him 90° for a full view on the spouting side. On the other hand, just visualize it.

  4. Joe Biden as of late has problems with not drooling on himself in public. That and he’s a corrupt, lying pedophile, rapist crook.

  5. From his earliest days in the public limelight, Biden has been a shameless plagiarist. I read an article recently about his lifting whole passages from a court opinion for one of his law school papers without quotes or attribution. He took the class over. It’s pretty funny that the Democrat Socialist party still wants to see him as the young, vigorous, manly guy of 30 years ago, when he is anything but that, and he still plagiarizes. He’s still a hot head and now he’s losing his last marble.


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