Does the Biden Admin’s behavior reveal Ashley Biden’s Diary could be Real? [Like Hunter’s Laptop]. She Says She Believes She Had Inappropriate Showers With Her Father at a Young Age

Hunter leaves a laptop at a repair shop, Ashley leaves her diary behind in a rented room, one wonders if these are subliminal (or overt) cries for help.

Or, maybe they are just dumb as shit, like their dad.

I was pig piled a decade ago for posting this picture and suggesting it was creep as hell.

I’m pretty good at reading vibes, and the vibe in that picture was kinda gross.

Turns out, I was right. Ashley confirms in her diary that she was sexualized at an early age by a cousin named Caroline, and she remembers inappropriate showers with her dad.

The entry in her diary is all about how she cannot believe how horny she is on that particular day. “In heat” she describes it.

She says that she knows a sex addict, and maybe he can help. She doesn’t want to kiss anyone, just have them come over and “f her.”

She wonders what is wrong, and wonders if she was molested as a child. She thinks so. She remembers pulling up her dress in second grade and showing the boys her underwear.

That is when she jots down the memories of her cousin and her father, and not in a good way. She is blaming them for her current problems.

19 Comments on Does the Biden Admin’s behavior reveal Ashley Biden’s Diary could be Real? [Like Hunter’s Laptop]. She Says She Believes She Had Inappropriate Showers With Her Father at a Young Age

  1. Everyone knows that phony Dr. Jill bought a phony academic degree. Given Hunter and Ashley. she also got a phony degree in motherhood.
    That entire family is pathologically sex crazy.

  2. It is consistent with everything in the public record regarding this Charlie Foxtrot of a family and their perversions.

  3. Did I mention?


    This creep and his sinister agents must be fought and resisted on every front.

  4. Ewww. That is seriously more than a creepy pic of Biden and his daughter. His eyes are lazer focused on her chest.

    First openly pedo congressman and phony “president”. I still recall Sessions slapping pedo Joes’s hand away from his granddaughter and ushering her quickly away from him. The worst kept secret in D.C., apparently.

  5. I don’t get it. Joe Biden is an evil, stupid, degenerate crook and scumbag who literally gets caught out in a blatant lie every single day, and yet he is protected from on high by the Prince of Fucking Darkness. What the motherlovin’ fuck is going on?

  6. This is a side show shit show that goes nowhere and does nothing.

    But I suppose it does give the 24/7 news cycle some airtime. God knows they need it.

    “Now to Tiffany for the Weather!”

    Probably because you guys don’t realize you’re going to be eating your dog for Christmas next year.

  7. Everyone assemble peaceably around the White House….

    …and PUKE simultaneously at the sound of the horn.

  8. Zoom in on that photo. Look closely at the husk’s eyes. He looks like he is stoned to the gills. Or perhaps, it is lust. Not sure which one it is, probably both. That photo should be given to police worldwide to know what to look for in a pedophile. Creep as hell is spot on, BFH.

  9. And the FBI (Fake Bureau of Investigation) is more concerned about who leaked the diary and not it’s contents. This is a nothing burger to the press (see hunter biden) and will be buried like a clinton Arkancide victim.

  10. The crouch, the focused stare at her little chest, his palm on his dick, her posture of supplication and nervous scrunching up of her dress to revel her panties to the pervert.

    Sorry to be so graphic but you must understand the magnitude of what I have been saying all along.

    The pervert is a pedo and that’s why I always refer to him as the Pedo because all other sins fail in comparison to that.

    I have also postulated many times that wife #1 deliberately drove into that trucks right of way.

    You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to see how evil this monster is.

    Wife #1 was trying to send him a message and he has milked that “accident” for decades for political sympathy and made sure wife #2 was down with his perversions.

    Imagine the depravity it takes to do what he does to this day.


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