Does this help jog your memory, sir?

Does this help jog your memory, sir? In court papers revealed this week, Prince Andrew said he didn’t have ‘enough information to admit or deny’ the most basic facts about him, Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein. Allow us to assist!

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  1. Let me rephrase the question sir, did you at anytime stick your British sticky wicket into an under aged, out of season, female?

  2. What’s he supposed to say?
    “I’ve deflowered more Tulips than a border-crosser with a weedwhacker”?

  3. Was this woman coerced into doing anything she did not want to do?
    Was there ever a time when any sexual encounter was not consensual?
    Was Epstein, the Prince, or any other bang she participated in aware of her true age?
    At any time while in the company of Epstein was her freedom of movement curtailed?
    Was she paid in any fashion for her sexual favors and was compensation arranged prior to any carnal contact with any Epstein associate?

    This woman received half a million bucks from a prior Epstein settlement and the crux of that contract, which she agreed to was to forever discharge any other person or entity who could have been included as a potential defendant from future legal action.

    None of this negates The Prince as being a top-shelf raging asshole of the first degree, but I have little patience for bought and paid for “comfort women” who eagerly participated in consensual actions that she seemed beneficial at the time, but later on chucked any responsibility she had, all for a vision of a big payday.

  4. I care less how much money the girl received, she was 14 at the time you pervert! UNDERAGE! TOO YOUNG One of your commenters sounds like a pervert.

  5. He’s known to be a dickhead from stories by the Royal household staff – and the only one, other than that clown Megan Markle.


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