Does “Uncle Touchy’s” Dominance Show that Moderate Democrats Still Own DNC?


The presidential polling dominance of former Vice President Joe Biden contradicts the narrative that Democrats want the DNC to tack hard Left. Despite Socialist-wannabe insurgencies — from Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Beto O’Rourke, Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, and others — the rise and rule of Biden seems to show that moderate Democrats still own the DNC. If identity politics really matter, why are Democrats so enamored of an old, white, heterosexual, male?

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  1. The money pepole are in charge. They know the other freaks running have no chance, and they know they have Biden in their pockets. Like hillary clinton, they bought him off long ago.

  2. It may be because they want a safe bet as possible among the crowd of loons and as flawed as Biden is he offers their only realistic hope as slim as that is.
    Trump has the party completely disjointed and they’re flailing away grasping for a lifebuoy.
    Hilarious isn’t it.

  3. Wrong, wrong, WRONG.

    “…are the Democrats more moderate than we think…go back to the good old days of Barack Obama…”

    BIG contradiction right up front.

    SCR*W the cosmetic P.C. “Straight” “White” “Heterosexual” stuff…
    whether it’s Gropey Joe or Michelle…they’re *all* Marxists.

    There’s NO MORE “old school Democrat.” PERIOD.

  4. Are these the same pollsters that said Hillary was going to win in a landslide or the ones that said the liberals would win in the recent Australian election? Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. The general is right, the traditional democrats are as margin alized as the rest of us. The party has swung full lunatic.

  6. Uncle Touchy’s dominance only means that
    the smellocrats are in a holding pattern
    until George Soros ( Gyorgy Schwantz )
    gives the marching orders of which
    candidate to get behind.

    This is all merely a reflection of
    Gyorgy’s uncertainty at this point.

    Anyone who really wants the nod should
    start sucking on Gyorgy, pronto !

  7. Suppose that good ol’ safe, middle of the road, uncle Joe is elected. Who will he place in his Cabinet? It will be radicals for the most part. AOC as Energy Czar, Tlaib as HHS Secretary. Omar as Education Secretary. Booker as AG. Buttigeig goes to DOD. Or other combinations or permutations.

  8. I think the Democrats have just shocked themselves with their own asinine insanity and Biden is just a temporary reaction to the shock.

    But it’s just a passing phase, they will get over their shock and keep pursuing the same goals as before but in a slightly less open and explicit manner.

  9. No, the bat-shirt crazy socialist moonbat ultraleft majority vote is being split 25 ways.

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