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Does Vice President Mike Pence Wear PF Flyers?

Because, if it weren’t for PF Flyers, we would not have a Vice President Mike Pence!


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  1. Do they even sell PF Flyers anymore? How about Red Ball Jets? And when you decode the secret message it probably says, Don’t forget kids to always wear your PF Flyers so that you can always be like Jonny Quest. Ask your mom to buy some of these nifty action shoes for you today.

  2. So what does PF stand for, pretty fast, pretty funky, pretty fantastic? I didn’t understand it when I was a kid but I did have a pair of PF Flyers back in the early 60’s. And Red Ball Jets also as well as Chuck Taylor’s Converse shoes. And do they even sell Keds as well anymore?

  3. “Damn, finally dawned on me. Bobby Jindal is Hadji!”

    I saw a photoshop of Pence and Jindal once that way. It was funny as hell, but a lefty did it. It wasn’t bad, but I almost felt bad for laughing. Almost. 😀

  4. Can still hear the jingle from the early 60’s..
    “boing boing boing boing boing boing,
    The kid in the Red Ball Jets”

  5. I hadn’t thought of PF Flyers for long time. I moved from those to white, canvas, of course, Chuck Taylor’s in sixth grade, and played ball in nothing else until my third year of college. That all there was, in the days of olde

  6. Jonny Quest. Coolest show ever. Best theme song and opening credits, too.

    Bring on the flying jetpacks, laser rifles, enemy frogmen, Chinese robot spiders, mutant sea monsters and Sargasso Sea shipwrecks.

  7. Magic decoder ring? Uh oh, Ralphie is gonna say, Oh fudge again. First it was drink your ovaltine, now it’s buy PF Flyers, another crummy commercial.

  8. I think those fucking shoes are why I have such flat feet today. My wife says she can hear me walking a mile away when I’m barefoot – splap splap, splap…..

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