Doesn’t look like China is buying into the whole “carbon emissions are killing the planet” thing – IOTW Report

Doesn’t look like China is buying into the whole “carbon emissions are killing the planet” thing

China is still investing in massive amounts of roadways, some of which are spectacular. The carbon footprint to build them had to have been immense, let alone when they will be used.

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  1. Do they still eat rice in China? I hear that farming it uses a disproportionate amount of water resources as compared to sub Saharan Africa.

  2. There is no way I would voluntarily be on those roads.
    I got serious flight syndrome bad just watching the video for less than thirty seconds.

  3. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when a country isn’t burdened with EPA, environmental activists and lawyers, no protected species and a slave labor force.

    Somewhere in the middle of that and the mess we’re in is a happy medium.

    Today America couldn’t build the Golden Gate Bridge, wouldn’t build Mt Rushmore due to political considerations, transcontinental railroad, Panama Canal (which Jimmy Carter gave up and is now controlled by the chinese) or any of the marvels that America once bestowed to the world.

    No wonder Americans elected Donald John Trump to build that big, beautiful wall and tear down that big, ugly bureaucracy.

  4. 3,000 miles per year.

    Yea, but if it’s made with pig iron that’s a net -1000 miles.

    So, yes, they are “saving” the planet. 😉

  5. The thing I admire about the engineering is that they dont cut into mountains and lay snaking roads, theysimply bypass them with straight roads. Barely inclined. Plus, they’re preventing roadkill and deer encounters. It’s a different approach to highway engineering.

    But I’m no expert on this. I just found it interesting. As for construction and longevity? Beats me.

  6. Aaron, they sure do eat rice. My Chinese wife’s ex-boyfriend (that sounds like a Cuck meme, I know) makes a good living importing rice to China from Canada.

  7. ZOUNDS!

    Obviously we need to send Cortez and entourage over there to enlighten these earth defiling pagans.

  8. Germany did the same in the 30’s. Didn’t turn out well but most of the roads are still usable.

  9. We have hosted and housed 7 Chinese Middle school students over the last 6 years. All of them are amazed at our clean air. And I live in NJ.

  10. @Different Tim, how are your maids?
    I don’t have cats (plural) We (my family and children) have a cat.

  11. I have a lot of fun with Green Peace and other “community organizers” who come to the door. Before they get too revved up into their schpeil, I stop them and ask what their organization is doing to curb all this evil in China, India and the rest of Asia. Then, counting them off on my fingers, I recite the number of U.S. NGOs and U.S. agencies who issue all the regulations over American manufacturing, business in general, and the restrictions placed on Americans who just want to go out into the woods to enjoy our public lands or a public beach. I end by reciting a bunch of made up stats and dollar figures. They don’t read the opposition, so I know I’m safe.

    Typically, there are two of them; a hardcore person who actually believes all their junk, and a newbie (usually a student) who is just getting started. I don’t care about the fascist because they’re usually too far gone. But I know I’ve changed the minds of a lot of green beans.

    And I’m always very friendly about the whole thing.

  12. The Chicoms are famous for cutting corners with crappy materials. I wonder what their “fabulous” roads and bridges are going to be like in a few years when the deterioration sets in.


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