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Doesn’t Take Special Powers


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  1. Well did you see in the new budget deal that Paul Ryan included a provision where we all can apply for a low interest, government loan to build our own walls around our mansions? WTHell, it’s fairy dust money anyway.

    And what’s not to like about 100s of 1,000s of “syrian refugees” coming to small towns(probably conservative) near you? And for that cherry on top, they’ll soon be joined by GitmoGuys.

    Won’t that be grand when a handful of the friends of those GitmoGuys come to Canon City which is located near one of the facilities Obama/Jarrett want to bring these murderers, and do a Beslan at Canon City HS? Of course they won’t kill all of the kids at once, gots to have them some hostages.

    It’s a twofer for Obama/Jarrett-more dem voters and more gun control hysteria.

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