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Dog Gives Owner the Finger (s)

A nurse in Chicago heard that a man in the neighborhood lost two fingers while setting off fireworks. Letting her dog out in the yard a few hours later, the pit bull mix, Fergie brought something back that you just don’t find every day in your backyard, part of the man’s hand that had been blown off by what authorities estimate was a firework equivalent to a half-stick of dynamite.


The victim may have lost a hand but at least he wasn’t shot.


7 Comments on Dog Gives Owner the Finger (s)

  1. Sounds like another Darwin Candidate we’ll be paying for the rest of his life.

  2. Thank God I started playing guitar long before I was able to drink alcohol.
    After I learned to love to play, I became inordinately cautious around stuff like fireworks and power tools.
    I feel bad for the guy, but mostly I feel bad for the dog.
    It is not, apparently, finders keepers anymore.

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