Dog the Bounty Hunter has something to say about California’s county bail systems


The name Duane Chapman may not ring many bells, but most Americans know who Dog the Bounty Hunter is. Chapman’s reality television show followed his life as a bounty hunter, chasing down people who had skipped out on their bail. So it’s not surprising that he would have strong opinions on changes to the bail system.

California lawmakers are considering two bills that would replace county bail systems with safety and flight risk assessments instead, with the bills’ sponsors saying that the current system “punishes the poor for being poor”. Bail would be used as a last resort only so that people who can’t pay the non-refundable deposit to a bail agent won’t be kept in prison simply because they can’t make bail.

Chapman lives in Hawaii, but he couldn’t resist weighing in on the proposals. “You, the taxpayer, will pay to release these criminals,” he said. “Car thieves, burglars, sexual predators and repeat offenders will get out of jail with little accountability, and we will not be able to go after them when they run.”

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  1. He’ll still be able to go after them if they run, but there just won’t be any money in catching bail jumpers any longer. So why should bounty hunters do a job for free?

  2. Sacramento must be the assembly are for the mentally challenged, each act of stupidity is even dumber than the last.And the taxpayer pays these professional prostitutes.

  3. I think there will still be bounty hunters per se, but instead of trying to collect a bounty they will just track the rapists and murderers down and simply snipe them permanently.

    If necessity is the mother of invention, then California is the necessity of innovation.

  4. Can’t the Judge release someone on their own recognizance and would that be the same thing as their proposing except the Judge makes the decision? I suspect that most of the time when the cops arest somebody they are guilty and if they couldn’t afford bail and had to spend pretrial in the jail that time is counted toward whatever jail term they get sentenced to. I think California could do a lot better in coming up with ideas to reform the system if Judges, cops, lawyers from both sides, parole officers all sat down over a couple of cases of beer over an evening but that won’t happen. Hell, I think half a dozen of the commenters here could do a better and fairer job.

  5. This is just one more step towards total socialism. The collective has now replaced a very large private sector industry. Everyday it’s another outrageous Bill that the public doesn’t get a chance to vote on. Something needs to happen soon.

  6. Screw Mexifornia. Lets just build the damn wall along the eastern border and declare anything west of it to be training grounds for the U.S. military.

  7. My son was falsely accused, dragged through the justice system only to find out someone else did the crime.

    Had to pay bail, otherwise the cops were threatening to send my 17 yr. old from local holding cell to Los Angeles detention center with the hardcore gang members. Yes, they were threatening and laughing about sending a 17 yr. old clean cut, honor student working as a tutor, to hell.

    Like most people, they think if you are arrested you must be guilty of something, so you deserve whatever happens after the arrest. Bail can be used as form of ransom and abused.

  8. This reminds me of the plan in CA of having a sliding scale for fines for traffic offenses, based on your income. So if you were a productive member of society you would pay more than a slacker/parasite. If this stupid proposal to reduce bail were only to affect calipornia, I wouldn’t care so much, but when these low-lifes are released they travel to the normal parts of the country.

  9. A person living in a comma could not dream up such a stupid plan. Yet some elected fool in CA is able to generate enough output to walk and talk but still lack enough wattage to realize how stupid this plan will be.

    CA, plumbing depths of stupidity previously thought unattainable due to the “death barrier”. As in that is so stupid how do you even manage to breath?

  10. If you’re on the run and this baggy-eyed freak catches you, you’re not even trying. For God’s sake, look at him! Low-profile, he’s not. And it’s hard to swallow law-and-order suggestions from someone with a murder conviction on his rapsheet.

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