Dog Years Get An Update


Scientists now have developed a better way to measure the aging process in dogs and more precisely convert dog age to human years.

“We had been working on ways of monitoring human age and aging at the molecular level,” Trey Ideker, professor at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and Moores Cancer Center, told UPI in an email. “Marks on DNA, called methylation marks, turned out to be a really accurate way to ‘diagnose’ aging.” More

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  1. There is nothing more beautiful and nothing more sad then an old dog. It really doesn’t matter to me because ALL my dogs will forever be my pups….

  2. I couldn’t keep up with my dog when he was 35 in dog years. I feel really bad now that we’re the same age. At least he’s happy. That’s all that matters.

  3. From the article:

    Inspired by his graduate student Tiny Wang…

    “Wang as in gang” would be the Wong pronunciation. “Wong as in gong” would be right.

  4. Regardless of how it’s measured both us and the dogs get short changed on the time we get to spend together.

  5. I have a 21 year old bastard dog named Happy. He is the meanest dog, a jack russel.He has outlived 4 sweet gems.
    Vet has to use two muzzles on him. He had an eye removed last year from cataracts.
    I love this dog, he is the dog I probably deserve. But I honestly think the lil sum bitch keeps going to keep me on my toes.
    My fear is the new age scale is going to make him 5. He is draining my retirement, though I can afford another ten years of health issues, Id rather not retire under a bridge, but I would.

  6. Does anyone understand the formula?

    “The new formula, which applies to dogs older than one, says that a canine’s human age roughly equals 16 ln(dog age) + 31. (That’s the natural logarithm of the dog’s real age, multiplied by 16, with 31 added to the total.)”

    It’s 16 x dog age + 31. So if a dog is 10 (16 x 10; then 160 + 31), his human age is 191? What is he, pelosi?

    Can anyone explain the formula?

  7. Ummm, to me, this almost smacks as junk science. According to the graph, if you look past the first 8-9 years, which I believe almost every dog lives – barring any extraordinary health issue – the aging correlation on average, as a whole, equals pretty close to 7 human years to 1 dog year.

  8. I can’t believe how juvenile you people are. Tiny wang amuses you?
    Well I can tell you that tiny wang doesn’t amuse the missus and I will be sleeping on the sofa again this evening.

  9. Tiny Wang is a “she”, so that explains a lot.

    But seriously, small dogs usually live longer than big dogs, so a 14-year-old toy poodle is not the same “age” as a 14-year-old St. Bernard.

  10. …I don’t care HOW you do the math, as long as you make my 15 year old Mini outlive me…

  11. Inspired by his graduate student Tiny Wang

    LOLOLOLOL she must’ve been a yorkie or chihuahua

  12. Extirpates-Could not agree more, didn’t even read the article. Always a really dumb thing to even talk about. Who cares ? Dog certainly doesn’t give a crap (figuratively, maybe) Why does it matter ? especially those that spring em out of doggy prison, the staff has no clue and just makes up a number, usually lower to get em adopted (i understand that part)

    people ask me how old my dogs are, i say that i have no clue, they look so confused when i say that

    lady up the block (really cool neighbor with a great sense of humor asked said one day “buster looks like he is on borrowed time” he was 14 at the time (only reason i know is because he was tossed from a car as a puppy, one mans trash is anothers treasure) I asked her how many years do you have left Connie?” she said “good point Danny, enjoy the weekend”

  13. My prince, my 13 year old min pin Scully Magoo Bug has begun showing signs of dementia. He moves slow and has cataracts, too. The vet said he has about one year to live and we are simply devastated. He is a yappy little parasite, always into mischief, but we love him more than life itself. There really isn’t anything as achingly sad as an aging dog.

  14. ^^^my Chihuahua is mostly blind in both eyes and has hip dysplasia, but the wife keeps her on Gabapentin and medications for her enlarged heart, and she just motors around and finds the trouble to get into just like a pup anyway, finds the food and her Mama no eyes required, and still loves and is loved. Vet says there’s not really anything more he can do that isn’t too risky, but we thank God for her and will love her as long as He lets us borrow her.

    May God Bless you and your Scully to enjoy your time together, and may you live in fond remembrance of him after his time comes until you are reunited to play on the lawns of Heaven.

    God Bless,

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