Doggies are asking this morning,”where’s Claudia?”

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  1. …and kitties, and birdies, and lizards, and all the animals at iOTW ALL love our Claudia, and she NEEDS to come and scratch behind our ears already so we know she’s ok…

  2. My computer decided to crap out on me just as I was preparing for today’s post.😠

    Good thing I got my big girl phone a few weeks ago, or I wouldn’t be able to say “hi”.

    Won’t get my computer back from the Geeks until Tuesday.

    Thanks, Fur, for the post!

  3. …double fuzzies next week then, Claudia? I’d give you a week’s pass, but Mini, she can be a, well, a bitch…

    …literally…(sorry, MJA, but its LEGIT literalism)…

  4. We missed you Claudia.
    Glad it’s only a technical glitch.
    Next time the computer craps out throw it against the wall.
    That won’t fix the problem but you will feel better.

  5. Aw,she did it on purpose to see how many would go looking for her.🤔happy it was only a pc glitch and you are okay. 🤗😉

  6. Good effort from Mr. Big, but obviously all the critters know there’s no substituting that comes close to Claudia.

    Ms. Claudia, when you’re back up and running be sure to check your e-mail for something I sent you today…


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