Dog’s Reaction After Getting Adopted

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  1. My sweet Ellie was transported from a high kill shelter in Kentucky, to a local humane shelter in my state.
    She acted pretty much the same way, and to this day she is very loving and affectionate.
    Although, if you are anywhere close to her ball, it becomes all about her.

  2. Joe (from work) adopted a dog and it bit him through his nose.
    Had to have stitches, I believe. One of those long-eared, sad-looking dogs.

    But that’s a cute doggy, nonetheless.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. hope that’s a “soft energy” dog or it’s gonna walk all over that woman. keep the emotions in check when adopting

  4. Not shown: the accident 10 seconds after the video where the dog slams into the glove box.

    She was not prepared to transport this pup safely. The loose doggo is distracting, at the least.

  5. When my daughter and I adopted our orange tabby cat Finn 8 years ago it was really him who adopted us. He took one look at us and knew we were going to take him home with us. And he was right. He wasn’t quite so sure about our golden retriever Indie at first but they became best buds. Now when we get a new Collie puppy later this year we’ll see how he reacts because right now he’s the king of the hill and he knows it.

  6. That is so precious. Dogs are great and they know unconditional love when love is shown to them. They both feel it. The dogs wants to be hugged and touched so much and she is so happy that he wants the love shown. DOG spelled backwards is . . .

    God Bless us all!!

  7. @Jeff, there are plenty of us who love and value good, strong men. It may not seem that way but it’s only because the leftist hags and leftist media are constantly screeching about men and trying to convince everyone how terrible men are. The conservative women know better.


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