DOJ activity indicates John Durham preparing indictments, John Solomon reports


Activity within the Justice Department indicates U.S. Attorney John Durham is working to bring the first indictments as part of a criminal investigation into the Russia inquiry, according to investigative journalist John Solomon.

Solomon, a controversial reporter who similarly reported criminal investigative activity related to Durham’s efforts months ago, told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs on Tuesday that people are frustrated by the wait, asserting there already is “overwhelming evidence in the public record” that crimes were committed during the Russia investigation.

Solomon, who is now the editor in chief of Just the News, faced criticism last year when his reporting on Ukraine for the Hill got swept up into the impeachment investigation of President Trump and became subject to a review that found he “failed” to identify “important details about key Ukrainian sources.” Still, even as the tilt of Solomon’s reporting has come into question, he does still boast insider knowledge at the Justice Department that has been borne out.

“My sources tell me there’s a lot of activity. I’m seeing, personally, activity behind the scenes of the Justice Department,” Solomon said on Tuesday, adding that Durham’s team “is trying to bring those first indictments, and I would look for a time around Labor Day to see the first sort of action by the Justice Department.” more

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  1. Yea Yea Yea. I just read yesterday that some DOJ clown was saying don’t expect anything until after the election. Deep State Bull Shit.

  2. Next it will be “indictments will issued by Thanksgiving” and then “indictments will be issued by the first of the year”. I sincerely hope I have to eat those words, but somehow I doubt it. If the evidence is so overwhelming and irrefutable, why the apparent hesitancy?

  3. The DOJ action means there will be hearings to consider possibly starting an investigation to look into the feasibility of perhaps thinking about seeking indictments.

  4. Justice does NOT happen overnight and with the Deep State?? Its’ worse than a Swamp, it’s more like going through a Garbage Dump for evidence.

    What are you all expecting?? THIS would not even happened if the Potato Sack wearing Hillary had won.

    I for one am still going to be patient, BUT it does come down to whether or not the POTUS wins his second term.

    Because as said above, I do not think anything will ‘happen’ before that. They do not want to be accused of trying to ‘alter an election’, yes, if you can believe it.

  5. Pushing it back, back and back until after the elections. If Trump gets defeated then they all disappear, if he wins and keeps the Senate and gains Congress then arrest warrants will likely drop. If it’s status quo the they’ll be pushed back and back until Trump starts to wholesale fire people in DOJ.

  6. Labor Day? Kiss my homesick ass! Labor Day will become Halloween, Halloween will become Thanksgiving, and before you know it, we will all be waiting Santa fucking Claus! If Trump doesn’t get his DOJ to do their damn job, and if he can’t get control of voter fraud, he WILL LOSE the most important election of our time!

  7. Where there are no frog marches in handcuffs for the deep state criminals, there are no f*cks given.

  8. I trust John Solomon’s reporting on what John Durham is doing. Don’t take that as me trusting anyone else in the DOJ swamp.

  9. “Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah indictments blah blah blah any day now blah blah blah…”

    Weekly mantra for years.

  10. Anyone else here been following Sundance over at CTH lately?

    Just as Gary Larson recently quoted Sherlock Holmes, “The game is afoot” over at CTH. Sundance — keeping things fairly close to the vest — has been talking about exploding a whole bunch of irrefutable corruptions that will rock our world. On his own, with the help of a few (what sound to be) well-placed friends.

  11. Nothing will happen until we rise up with an armed army and take Washington back with spilled blood and guts on every street, and busy gallows in the parks. Dying for a great cause is how our fathers left when they passed it on to us. Don’t wait to fade out in a nursing home.

  12. Since we are on the subject of not a damn thing happening, anybody remember that shooting in Las Vegas?

  13. “Rocking our world” does NOT include ‘federal indictments’.

    Rocking our world would be the full force of the federal government bearing down on those that have, and continue, to subvert the simple, basic laws of the Constitution of the United Stated of America.

    Nothing less, nothing more.

  14. J6P: There was a shooting in Las Vegas? When did that happen? Next thing you know you will tell me a Somalian ran down and killed a white person on I5 in Seattle.

  15. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy isn’t just a fairy tell. The truth takes a looonnngggggggggg time to find when it has been so cleverly hidden or destroyed. Especially when the perps are still there creating false trails to follow.

  16. Hmmm. Many years ago at Mystic Seaport, I learned a popular saying on the New England fishing schooners was. “Are you going to fish or cut bait?”
    It seems the DOJ is stuck on cutting bait. Preparing to do something, but never getting round to actually doing anything.

  17. “The Mills of God grind slowly, but they grind all.”

    The Wheels of Justice (?) roll slowly, but we can only hope they roll at all.

    Either you trust the system or you don’t. Can’t have it both ways.
    Malefactors are entitled to the same Constitutional processes and protections as citizens. That the FBI is corrupt is beyond doubt – and the difficulties of investigating government malfeasance and misprision by the guilty parties is tremendous – but we’re hoping (probably in vain, possibly not) that Barr and Durham have found an answer to the riddle.

    izlamo delenda est …

  18. An immeasurable, but statistically significant, reduction in Internet porn traffic? To certain well known address blocks?

    “The Game is A Foot”
    (Not misspelled. Just. Popular.)

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