DOJ Begins Filing Charges Against Antifa Members

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The Department of Justice has filed what looks to be the first tranche of charges against violent antifa protesters from coast to coast following weeks of rioting in the wake of the killing of George Floyd by police. As antifa itself would say, “It’s going down.” More

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  1. I hope the cops are working their way up the Antifa food chain to get to Soros (his sons as well), Steyr’s etc who are supplying money and advice. Just take the Antifa arrestee and explain how nice the other inmates (especially the blacks) will find his pretty little mouth and soft white ass day after day after day. Then offer to trade his stay in the general population of a federal prison with a work camp. Get the goods on the top brass and when Trump signs the paperwork designating Antifa as Domestic Terrorists then the money boys and political cadre at the top can then spend their time at Alaska’s top federal prison.

  2. Time to open your wallet again, Soros. Maybe you can get some of your unemployed immigration lawyers back to work wearing new hats.

  3. All right Anonymous, where are you on this one you fucking worthless piece of shit?

    I suppose the government shouldn’t be going after these assholes either?

    Let’s hear your next line of bullshit you fucking piece of trash.

  4. “Brennan”, “Clapper”, “Clinton”, “Holder”, “Lerner”, “Rice”, …

    Good to see the wheels of Justice™ turning.
    Good to see the DOJ Redeemed™.
    Good to see Bill Barr’s not another Jeff Sessions.
    Good to see President Trump taking down the rich and powerful.

    So much Good™.

  5. Anonymous just discovered a new trick with the keyboard. Yay, Anonymous. Trademark ALL the things lolol

  6. And the charges against the corrupt politicians in the Obozo show??????

    Come on Barr, are you trying to run out the clock on the statute of limitations?

  7. Well, I guess you answered my question anonymous, more useless drivel from a worthless piece of shit drag on society.

    You know, I’m pro-life, but there are times that I think the “post birth” abortions people in your world believe in apply. You are one of these times.

  8. Looks like it also thumbs itself up, Hunter. Unless there are a few of them who like to sniff each others’ farts.

  9. How come Barr can do this so fast, but not charge a single corrupt democrat since he’s been in office????

  10. Too little, too late. I understand vigilante justice now.

    These cowardly pukes not only burned down and destroyed people’s sole means of earning a living, the psychopaths among them beat people up who had no way to defend themselves. A woman in a wheel chair?!

    Most small business owners work at least fourteen (and more) hours per day just to keep their noses above water. Successful owners do this years; sacrificing time with their families, friends, taking no vacations or time off just to secure a future for their families. It’s not a get rich quick proposition. These people will never be made whole for their losses.

    Years and decades worth of one’s work gone in less than a hour by people who don’t know you, never met you, and who think you’re a filthy capitalist who deserves it.

    Contrast that attitude and these people’s actions toward their innocent victims with the measured, reasoned, heavily-represented legal process by which the accused are protected.

    It’s my opinion that if the legal justice system continues to fluff the pillows — slap the wrists of — the criminals of antifa and similar groups or continue to delay acting on individuals who enjoy wide-spread and very public celebrity on social media in places like Portland and Seattle, we are being forced to fall back on vigilantism as the only means of real justice.

    This is not looking good for we who have already seen the kind of justice that has passed through our legal system; from police on the beat up to the DoJ.

    There was no justice for the victims of Eric Clanton’s bicycle lock attacks. Despite hard evidence of his crimes, all felony charges (assault with a deadly weapon) were dropped with one of those charges arbitrarily reduced by the judge to a misdemeanor. His repayment: three years of probation.

    “Police wrote that they had found evidence last year during a search of Clanton’s home in San Leandro linking him to “Anti-Fascists and Anarchy political groups,” according to court papers. He was not home when police arrived, so officers moved to a second address in West Oakland where they said they found flags, patches and pamphlets “associating Clanton” with antifa and anarchist groups. Investigators arrested Clanton there.”

    There was no mention of the court even requiring Clanton repay his victims for their doctor and hospital costs or for their loss of pay for time they missed earning their livings.

    Clanton may be one of the most widely-known examples of a failure of real justice for these groups’ and their individuals’ criminal acts, but he represents a well-documented history of how the corrupted justice system in this country sympathizes with the perpetrators and gives short shrift to victims of their crimes.

    The Left has been at this work of gutting every level of our law enforcement and legal justice systems every bit as hard as they have worked to change what children learn in our schools. Putting it in the tactics of war, the Left has conducted a classical pincer movement. What we are witnessing today can also be put in an old-school tech term: garbage in, garbage out.

    It’s not looking good at all.

  11. “Throwing Molotov cocktails”

    A serious felony.

    Actually two of them, making an unregistered explosive destructive device (yes, you can actually make and register destructive devices with the BATF, it takes a special license to make, use, or possess one) and using one in the commission of a crime.

    The same penalties as making and possessing illegal machine guns and silencers. Ten years in prison and heavy fines on top of it.

    Wonder what the prosecution will ask for?

  12. @AbigailAdams June 14, 2020 at 1:04 pm

    > people who don’t know you, never met you, and who think you’re a filthy capitalist who deserves it

    Nobody can think somebody else is a “capitalist”, if they “don’t know you, never met you”. That is impossible, in and of itself. And you, already, know that. Yet there it is.

    What else is there, on the street, is the “Party Member, In Good Standing” ticket stub. You are not allowed to run a Party consignment, without breaking off a piece (or three) for the Party. Constantly. It is not a “one time mistake”. A “youthful indiscretion”. Years and years, of paying Party dues. To support the Party. Against those the Party calls “enemy”.

  13. @Anonymous June 14, 2020 at 1:50 pm

    > “Throwing Molotov cocktails”
    > A serious felony.

    Are you telling me The Party says that’s bad!? Well! That settles it! If The Party says that’s bad, then they’re bad people.

  14. Bare is slow-walking everything. This is nice, but i fear will be so insufficient that it will make martyrs of these people – for the next democra to pardon and greet in the White House.

    Barr is part of the swamp. He lives with blinders on.

  15. Anonymous — I’m only going to say this once: Piss off and don’t comment on my comments. You have no idea what you’re even talking about.

  16. Anonymous

    Pretty sure if you saw my house, with out meeting me, you’d think I’m a filthy Capitalist. Which I am.

    We really need to start getting some smarter Anons here.


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