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DOJ Declares There Is A Right to Sleep in the Streets

Claiming an 8th amendment right to sleep in public, because banning camping out in public space is “cruel and unusual punishment”, the Department of Justice has submitted a “Letter of Interest” in a case brought against Boise, Idaho for their sit/lie ordinance.



 Those suing Boise make a distinction between a person’s conduct (dozing on the side walk) from status (being homeless), declaring that a city can’t keep them off the streets if the homeless shelters are full. 


Roughly 50 cities in the nation have similar ordinances against sleeping in the public space and they are all watching this law suit with great interest.

Hey, remember when Reagan was president and homelessness was his problem? Ah, the memories.


13 Comments on DOJ Declares There Is A Right to Sleep in the Streets

  1. I have the right to kick them and pee on them and run them over.
    We need to thank JFK for closing the insane asylums. That worked out great.

  2. This is the third story I’ve read in a week about the Feds being all up in Idaho’s bidness. That’ll teach you rebellious Suns A Bitches to complain about your new Somali guests. YOU WILL SUBMIT.

  3. This is an illustration of the effect of “public” property. If all real estate had a proper owner, it would be up to him whether or not to allow casual sleeping. Most would not, of course, but for any bleeding heart who felt sorry for the “homeless” you could simply say, “Buy your own property, Jack.”

  4. There should also be a right to sleep in the White Hut. It is after all the people’s house bought and paid for by them! Same with the Capitol Building and all other federal enclaves! Get those representatives, that always proclaim such love for the unwashed masses, (except for Dirty Harry) in close proximity!

  5. Sounds more like you want to be charged with two counts of battery and one count of murder. It takes a sick mind to come up with what you wrote.

  6. Wouldn’t it be fun if barry were to channel Andy Jackson and invite all his peeps into the White hut like ol Andy did during his first inauguration as president. That’d be quite a sight seeing all his peeps loot and pillage the White hut and expect him not to do anything about it cuz he’s one of the brothers. Even with barry as presidunce this wouldn’t happen but one can hope. After all according to the poor downtrodden blacks (thanks a hell of a lot LBJ and the democrap party) it is the peeps house.

  7. In my town we don’t put up with this shit and we have no homeless on our streets. We give them a ticket to a big liberal city and tell them they will take care of you.

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