DOJ Makes Jaw-Dropping Admission in Flynn Case – Prosecution “Mistakenly” Attributed Wrong Notes to Wrong FBI Agents

Uh huh. Mistakenly.

WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT – Prosecutor Brandon Van Grack sends a letter to Flynn’s defense team today containing a stunning, almost impossible to comprehend, admission of a mistake central to the claims of the prosecution.  In March 2018 the FBI presented notes taken by agents Pientka and Strzok, now they say they made a ‘mistake’.

For almost two years the DOJ misidentified, misattributed, and never corrected that the authors of the Flynn interview notes were actually reversed.  All of the notes attributed to FBI Agent Peter Strzok actually were taken by FBI Agent Joseph Pientka, and vice-versa:

[…] What kind of f**kery is this?  The DOJ never confirmed the authorship of the FBI notes that are central to the FD-302, upon which the entire prosecution claim of Flynn lying to investigators is based? …Seriously?

The entire FBI case against Flynn; meaning the central element that he lied to FBI investigators (he didn’t); is predicated on the FD-302 interview reports generated by the two FBI agents; later discovered to have been edited, shaped and approved by Andrew McCabe….  And for almost two years the entire outline of their documented evidence has been misattributed?

C’mon man.  This is sketchy as heck. more

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  1. Another “innocent” mistake and timely discovery! How convenient.
    If this judge wasn’t trying so hard not to he’d put a stop to this latest ham handed dodge. He’s allowing these reptiles to make a fool of him.


    Don’t you remember Breaking Bad? Saul said NEVER say anything to the police, ever.

    Good advice, because they want to prosecute you, and if you open your stupid mouth, they will “hear things a little differently” than you do.

    3 basic rules for when the police/FBI want to talk to you:
    1. Keep your mouth shut.
    2. Keep your stupid mouth shut.
    3. Keep your damn stupid mouth shut.

  3. This isn’t a bug in the system. It’s a feature of the system. Destruction of a person’s life for no real reason. Just because they don’t like him and they can.

  4. “Untouchables,” indeed.

    Now manufacturing evidence is a “mistake?”

    More in common with the NKVD and Gestapo than with any American institution – but I guess they follow their genetic programming.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Brandon Van Grack is on a slow Sidney Powell euthanasia drip.

    I’m hoping Judge Sullivan and Sidney have a secret side bet on how many days it’ll take before Van Grack crawls into court pleading for mercy, otherwise it would appear this is one conflicted judge.

  6. JC, they didn’t just not like him. They were petrified that he was going to root out all of the anti-American, globalist IC elites and expose them for their traitorous activity against President Trump. Plus he stood up for a woman that McCabe slandered and wanted fired.

  7. How many barf bags does that judge have to go
    through before he figures out he’s sick of this
    shit and starts tossing prosecutors in jail?
    Or is he just part of it and playing for time?

  8. the Rove/Bush clique want to destroy Don. they will go after anyone connected to him in hopes of getting them to turn . Cohen is just such a victim of the Rove/Bush machine.
    GWB’s henchmen got caught and now lie “mistake”,

  9. Sloppy, careless, and criminal comes to mind. Maybe they went after the wrong guy. What the F else did they do that they’r hiding within redaction ink and patter ???

  10. So the DOJ presented messed up evidence, which now requires a retrial.

    But this time around Voters know the DOJ “was” in political attack mode.

    We know their process was a malicious politically based prosecution. Conducted by Obama/Hillary supporters inside the DOJ that have long since been outed.

  11. Whooops, we made a mistake! Oh what they hell we’ll just add another five years to his sentence to make up for it!

  12. And now comes word that ambassador Sondland has “updated” his shampeachment testimony to say that yes indeedy, it was a quid pro quo.

    Shameless, desperate revision seems to be the order of the day.

  13. Thirdtwin – Nothing was more quid pro quo than Jackass Joe BRAGGING about how he threatened the Ukrainians with a BILLION DOLLARS into firing fire the prosecutor who happened to be investigating the company giving Hunter a lucrative, cushy gig!
    Most people would interpret that as one BIG ASS bribe!!
    But not the Bought & Paid For, complicit Knee-Pad Media!
    They just act like it never happened at all!

  14. For the foreseeable future my opinion of the entire federal bureaucracy remains lower than dog shit.

    Declare bankruptcy (afterall, the fed gov is irretrievably indebted)
    and their pensions are what they should be. Zilch

  15. I hope that Lt General Flynn is found innocent and that he is made whole for the millions of dollars he has spent on legal fees, etc. His pension also needs to be reinstated.


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