DOJ rejects CNN analyst’s claim in fight over White House press room access

Just The News: The Justice Department has rejected a CNN political analyst’s legal claim he deserved access to President Trump’s coronavirus briefings, warning the White House press room is ultimately federal property and not the legal domain of journalists.

The DOJ’s letter rejecting CNN and Playboy journalist Brian Karem’s demands to access the briefings appeared to serve notice to the journalist-run White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) that its power to regulate who attends White House press briefings was based only on years of “tradition” and not a legal right.

“The press Briefing Room is White House property,” and Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham “merely acquiesced” to WHCA’s seating arrangements for reporters during the pandemic, the department’s letter stated. read more

13 Comments on DOJ rejects CNN analyst’s claim in fight over White House press room access

  1. The reporters are spending so much time fighting over access to the press pool that sometimes they forget if they’re representing the dnc or the ccp.

  2. The WHCA has no legal right to invite hostile Chicom propagandists like Phoenix News into Presidential press conferences. If needle-dick loudmouths like Karem can be tossed for being disruptive, then Long March Chinese hack journos can be shunned for being subversive. The WHCA has acted in bad faith and will pay for abusing a tradition of privilege.

    The gloves are off, China. You’re going to have to buy that Mexican Radio station—if Trump lets you—to pipe your shit into California, because Trump is shutting off your spigot in the White House.

  3. LOL. The WHCA wanted to kick OAN out of their little exclusive club.

    They forgot who OWNS the club house

  4. In the interest of maintaining the Wuhan Flu Hoax, the WH should go to “virtual” briefing mode – whereby the news maggots must stay at home and make their inquiries over the internet, or skype, or whatever that is – same as the “news” programs are now doing.

    It’s fo’ da l’il chillens …

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Seeing lefist outfits like reuters crowing with stories about some pastor who minimized the chinese virus and now he’s dead of it. Or Boris Johnson, who wanted herd immunity, now in icu. They hope that their readers lack elementary logic.

    I can’t wait to spam the internet with “journalists said effects to economy wouldn’t be that grave. Now the journalists are layed off and don’t know where their next paycheck is coming from”.

  6. Is there any difference between the DNC, the CCP, the American media (CNN, etc.) and Google/Twitter/Facebook?

    They all seem to speak with the same voice.

  7. Better yet, ZOOM conference the briefings. The meeting initiator can mute whoever he wants!!! Mute this pansy as soon as he says ‘Mr. President’ and move on to a question from OAN. Mute the next alleged journalist the same way and ask for another question from OAN. Watch heads explode!!

  8. What do you call 1,000 journalists at the bottom of the ocean? A good start.

    What is the difference between a trampoline and a journalist? You take off your shoes before jumping on a trampoline.

    What’s 5 miles long and has an IQ of 50? A journalist parade.

    Two journalists walk into a building because they thought it would move out of the way for them.

    What do journalists know that the public doesn’t? The taste of Xi Jinping’s dick.

  9. Make the WH press room as “fair” as the Presidential Debates have been. All questions submitted ahead, and only questions that flatter the Administration, m’kay?

    Else President Trump should be allowed to use a Taser with a 20ft range. America would enjoy watching traitorous propagandists convulsing in the fetal position on the floor.


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